We ask Dream Book: wedding dream - for good or not?

Interpretation of Dreams - employment difficult and ambiguous.Each of the many dream books interpret dreams in different ways and sometimes in a completely opposite colors, which is why it is so important, looking at dream interpretation, focus on their own feelings.Whether caused by sleep positive emotions or negative?There were any feelings of anxiety?After all, as often happens with dreams, even such a great event in the life of man as a wedding often causes negative emotions.Many followers even believe that the dream is always opposite is true, which means that the wedding - a symbol of misfortune, but do not jump to conclusions.

example, Wang thought the wedding a good sign.If you look in her dream book, the wedding there will be interpreted as a fun party with friends.This party, however, can be fatal to your life.Own wedding - the symbol of the fact that in the near future, you have to solve some important issues as well, presence in someone's wedding as an important guest - a sign that a close friend or loved one desperately needs your help.And it is not worth it to refuse this assistance.

Easier interpretation suggests that the so-called People's small dream book.Marriage, according to him, represents ... the wedding!If you are married or single, the presence at the wedding means that soon your family will have children.Own wedding could also mean a long and happy married life.Is that dance at a wedding in a dream not worth it.According to the Small Dream book such differences mean dancing with the opposite sex in real life.

If you ask Freud's dream book, what a dream wedding, you will not find the expected linkages with the relationship between the sexes.Oddly enough, but Freud believed that marriage represents only the good news that soon receive people, who saw in a dream wedding.Own wedding also carries a serious meaning.According to Freud, it refers to any gift or a nice surprise waiting for the person in the near future.

more extensive interpretation gives Dream Miller.Here you can see some negative traits, often prescribed for the wedding, seen in a dream.Especially dangerous, according to the dream book, wedding, attended by people in mourning.This unusual combination of at his own wedding denotes unhappy life together, and if it happens to someone else's wedding - the groom or the miserable life of the bride.In addition, Dream Miller believes wedding danger sign for an upcoming trip.It may end up upset or serious conflict.Wedding same lover with another woman (or vice versa) is baseless fears and jealousy.

Various folk downers cause even more unpleasant parallels between marriage, seen in a dream and real life.If you look in the Ukrainian dream book, the wedding that you dreamed of, you may scare, because it represents death, disease and all kinds of troubles.But to see the wedding train - it's a good sign, indicating that you will soon fall in love with the opposite sex.There are many different interpretations of what he saw in a dream wedding, it may indicate some crucial events in the life of the state financial expenditure, etc.

How not to get lost in such a wide variety of interpretations?The fact that the interpretation of the dreams of every human individual.The best thing you can do - is to find your dream-book, interpretation of dreams, the wedding, which was seen as best suited for you.It is likely that in the future this dream book will offer you an accurate interpretation of your dreams.And do not forget that the interpretation largely depends on what kind of emotions you have caused Seen in a dream wedding.