Unusual dress for the bridesmaids

Wedding - an unforgettable event in the life of a young couple, in which the role of trust in each the bride and bridesmaids.

choosing attire for the bridesmaids, it is important to remember a few simple rules.And then it all - it is imagination and taste ...

selection rules attire

1. Attire girlfriend should not be white as the color of the bride.

2. Attire girlfriend should favorably complement, not overshadow the bride's wedding dress, because it is - at the center of the celebration.

3. My girlfriend's dress should match the image of the witness.In another suit groom must be present element, combined with the dress bridesmaids.

4. Attire girlfriend should not stand out from the general and uniform style wedding.

Wedding in ancient style e

wedding in the old manor or castle ideal fashion trends of the season - ascetic halftones and the riot of colors of nature.

In such surroundings a good fit of spring-summer collection 2008 by John Galliano.Galliano refers to the 1970s: a little formless, flowing chiffon dresses.

colors - pale pink, gray-blue, all shades of beige, ivory, smoky turquoise.

Dresses can be decorated with flowers from the same fabric or floral prints the same color, creating a subtle vibration: scraps of dresses streamed out of one another, a flirty frill to go to another.

As for accessories, it is variations on a theme a flower.The hair can weave fresh flowers.Galliano offers a good ensemble hair and buds.

in case of surprises nature can be found in the collection of cropped jackets in pastel colors very relaxed cut: fitted jacket with flared sleeves, decorated with rose buds, or "jacket sun" with a lot of frills and sleeve "three-fourths".

Massive suede shoes, almost merging with the skin in the delicate wedges, passing in the heel, successfully complete the image.Ankle Galliano offers flirty tie satin ribbon or a small bouquet.

To emphasize the pattern on the shoes, you can wear socks or stockings matt any shade from white to beige.

Wedding in classic style

banquet hall or courtyard seating - the interior is nothing superfluous: Renaissance furniture, tables with white tablecloths, decorated with fresh flowers and gold candlesticks - everything is designed in the spirit of the classics.

bridesmaids have to look strictly at the same time with ease.

At Nina Ricci silk dresses can borrow a combination of color "metallic".Dress elegantly flowing along the body.Prim gray tones combined with a metallic sheen will give the image of rigor.

Givenchy refers to the actual pattern in the past, "peas".But this season, ranging from the smallest print flies to huge saucers.

classic almost direct dress length just above the knee and the shoulder with an open sleeve "Flashlight" by pulsing pattern in the form of changing the shape of peas will look superb.

Collection spring-summer 2008 by Cristian Dior - variations on the classic suit.Wide trousers, flared from the hip and fitted jacket suit trouser suit lovers.

Also in the collection can be found elegant evening dress to the floor.Red Dress-neckline, draped over the entire length, effectively accentuate the figure.

In Cristian Dior offers hair weave metal flowers adorned discreet stones.

little dress from Chanel ivory, strict and at the same time, flirtatious, can be decorated with fringe, small bows or satin sash, delicately emphasizing the waist.

Such a Chanel dress offers a black satin shoes with round nose and high heels.

Wedding in nature

Fresh air, nature, greens, light breeze - it can be a park, a beach or a small island.The main thing is easy and relaxed atmosphere.

Lanvin dresses made of light crepe de chine resemble tunics.Colors reserved - from smoky gray to dark blue.

Kenzo, Etro - this fantasy ethnic theme: sultry Africa, India and China.Bright colors are mixed randomly among themselves, as well as a variety of floral prints.

Jil Sander this season playing with transparency, so the basic fabric of the collection - is organza.

Using transparent organza cape, you can give her the image of mystery and look like a forest elf.

capes can be combined with both the dress and shorts with small, little peek out from under the extended top.

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