How do I clean the lungs from unnecessary accumulations

Light - a very important organ, which depends heavily on human health and the functioning of the whole body as a whole.Since the lungs are, one might say, a kind of filter, over time they accumulate all the impurities that exist in the air we breathe.So the question of cleaning is important for everyone, but most important for smokers and those who quit this destructive habit.

sources of light pollution

Naturally, the most important of them (smoking), becomes the very air, especially in cities.Here and dust and petrol fumes and factory emissions.The second source - the power that modern man is very far from ideal.Any harmful goodies, additives, preservatives, GMOs, alcohol - all of this contributes to the accumulation in the respiratory system, harmful substances and mucus.Lack of exercise (and, consequently, less frequent and shallow breathing) also contributes to the pollution of the respiratory system.All these factors lead to the fact that there is nothing other than to clean the lungs.

Tips dropouts smoking

Disclaimer cigarette itself - right, important and positive step.But after it should logically follow a very reasonable: you have to figure out how to clear the lungs of nicotine and help them in the process of self-cleaning.The easiest way of such aid can be called a walk through the pine forest.If that is not near, replace them with long festivities, followed by ignition softwood incense sticks.How do I clean the lungs inhaled, it is clear to anyone - with them all at least once, but have encountered.It is important to choose the right than to breathe, that is the color of lime, juniper, eucalyptus, fir, pine, mint.And do not forget that half an hour after the procedure can not be any to go out or speak.An interesting method is easy to clean - Russian bath.If soared even birch twigs, the effect will increase significantly.And when you add the rocks coughs oil process will go even faster.

those who recently joined the ranks of non-smokers have to relearn how to breathe - I mean it is proper breathing.A good way to clear the lungs of the smoker - butter with warm milk, which do gymnastics after a run through the park or along the river, or in any other place away from the road.

What advises people

And "domeditsinskie" times people follow the health of their respiratory organs.There are many ways to clean the lungs.For example, the infusion of liquorice root (2 tsp) with flowers and lime tree (1 tablespoon)grass filled with boiling water for half an hour.If the month regularly 3 times a day to drink the potion, the lungs become like new.People also advises elecampane root.If 15 g of wonder-plant pour cups of boiling water, infuse for half an hour and drink with honey, often in small sips, mucus and toxins from the lungs go.

Nature healer

Well, if you have never smoked, but simply want to improve their respiratory system, get for the upcoming summer vacation guesthouse on the beach where also a number of pine forests.Two weeks under these conditions is remarkable support, refresh and disinfect your lungs.