How to remove fat from hand with exercise

Many women have a problem how to remove fat from the arms and at the same time they are not siphoned.To do this, we recommend the following exercises and procedures.For classes required preferably with adjustable dumbbell weight or more of dumbbells with different weights.And need music, it may be a tape but may be a radio or television is simply to monitor the rhythm and during exercise.Before you start to exercise to get rid of fat on the arms, pick up a first dumbbell weighing 0.5 kg to weight.

1. Standard warm muscles of the neck, upper body and arms.Warm-up should be performed in that order.

for neck:

1.1.Povoroty first one way, then the other 4 times.

1.2.Polukrugom turn his head from the left shoulder to the right, as if holding the chin on the chest line 4 times.

1.3.Zatem turn his head in a semicircle on the back, neck line is held for 4 times.This exercise should be slower than the pace of the previous.

1.4.Ostavlyaem shoulders in place, and the chin is pushed forward 8 times.The head of this should be set straight.

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1.5.Dvigaem neck in the eastern side of the dance in a left-right, shoulders remain in place, perform 8 times.

When performing these exercises is that you hear the crunch or clicks in the upper spine, most frequently in the rotation head.This is normal, there is important to do exercises gently as possible.Smoothly it should do warm-up exercises and exercise program for those interested in how to remove fat from the arms.

shoulder belt.

1.1.Plechi rises steeply and sharply drops down along both shoulders 4 times, each arm separately - one arm up and the other down to 4 times for each arm.

1.2.Sovershat circles back just shoulders and down 8 times 8 times.Hands with the freely hanging along the body, are only the shoulders.

1.3.Rezkie drop your shoulders back, then forward 16 times.Hands along with the body slightly bent.

1.4.Kazhdym shoulder in circles: forward - left - back - right.Hands along the body and slightly bent.

then rotation crumble completely hands in order: brush, then elbows and arm from the shoulder to the fact until sweat.Pin hand back to the castle, but the breast and the maximum bends forward and fix the blades reduce for 1 minute.Repeat this exercise several times.Outside a good workout for the muscles - in them a sense of softness and warmth.Such training is needed to get your problem how to remove fat from the arms was performed as efficiently as possible.

exercises pectoral muscles.

1.Snachala without weights and gradually increasing the load, bring the weight up to 1.5 kg dumbbells.Hands divorce in hand on the level of the shoulders, reduce shoulder blades, palms up.Muscle strain of the sternum - relax, stretch - relax.

2.Skladyvaem hands as in prayer, and with the power of the palm, as if trying to shift the center.Firmly resist the hand and leads first to the left, back to center, then to the right.Everything to do with the power of 8 times.

3.Skladyvaem his palms behind the shoulders and elbows trying to expand as much as possible.Doing slowly and smoothly 16 times.

4.Skladyvaem hands with each other with their fists.We press on his fists and move them up - down through force.The blades thus reduce as much as possible.

Performing such exercises helps to accomplish the task how to remove fat from the arms.An indication of the correctness of these exercises is the feeling of fatigue and profuse sweating.If your shirt is dry, then you are not of the result.In order to remove the excess fat on the arms, be sure to perform the full range of stress and significant effort.Remember that exercise should be carried out regularly and the load on the muscles to be quite large, but do not overdo it if you try too, then your muscles on the hands may become too noticeable.