How to Clean Boca Quickly?

Excess folds on the sides and belly, you see, do not decorate. They are trying to hide, disguise loose clothing, to divert attention from them bright accessories.But really neutralize the excess can not be so.If you come to realize that fat (or extra) figured elements spoil your appearance, better to try to get rid of them for real.

How to remove the side quickly? This will require some effort, but the most important thing here - is that there are productive techniques that have been tested are not odinozhdy.

So, start with nutrition .It is very important for those that think about how to remove the stomach and hips.It does not go on diets and starvation.The golden rule of good nutrition - there should be more and more slowly.Typically, many of the cross out of its daily schedule for breakfast, lunch on the run, but in the evening a full suit (if not excessive) dinner.Health and beauty require accents in reverse order, and even better to eat four times a day.

next item -

need to increase physical activity .It is best to split fat during anaerobic exercise, starting with the 21-minute sessions.Ideal means - running.Although force myself to go for a run not all the strength.An alternative may be walking on foot, for example, to and from work.Well selected weekends in the country, to travel to the country or to go play, for example, in a bowling alley.

addition to these general points very effectively helps set of special exercises, verified that those who know how to clean the sides quickly.They are chosen so that the burden falls on the group of muscles thighs, abdomen and buttocks.They must perform at least three times a week, otherwise the result will be negligible.

Before you proceed directly to the exercises, take a 8-10 minute warm-up.Muscles need to be warmed up, then from the exercises will be much more useful.Perform the exercises several approaches needed in order to accelerate the acquisition of the desired harmony.

Exercise 1 Starting position - standing, feet together, hands down.Pick up a dumbbell.Create your left arm bent at the elbow, behind his back.Slowly bend to the right until it stops.Take the starting position.Then repeat the movement, but the left.Repeat this exercise at least 20 times.

Exercise 2

will help you understand how to remove the side quickly.Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart.Follow the slope to the right, while lifting the left arm above his head.Take the starting position, then repeat the slope, but the left.10 times.

Exercise 3 Starting position - standing, feet together, hands down.Make maximum turn left the body, then to the right.Perform at least 15 times.

Exercise 4 Starting position - lying on his side, leaning on his elbow.Do foot moves up and down.If you hold down the movement of the leg, then lift up again.The same - on the other side.At least 15 strides each leg.

Exercise 5 Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart.Hands on the shoulders or waist.Hips try to keep still.Move your right shoulder and pull them housing.Return to starting position.Then repeat on the left side.10 times.

Exercise 6

will talk about how to clean the sides at the waist.Starting position - on his knees, leaning on hands, gently lean forward.Do foot moves up as far as possible above.Head simultaneously retracted.At least 10 strides each leg.

Exercise 7 Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, holding dumbbells.Step into forward and do the squat.Take the starting position.Then repeat the move, but the other leg.The knee should not touch the floor, the leg is bent at an angle of 90˚.At 15 times for both legs.

Such exercises, despite its apparent simplicity, good working on muscle groups that are under distressed folds at the waist.They are fast enough to help you solve the problem of how to remove the side quickly.