Alexandria (Ukraine): the location, the history and sights of the city

in the world at least six countries in which there is a city called Alexandria, Ukraine, Egypt, the United States, Romania, United Kingdom and South Africa.But in this article we'll discuss the Ukrainian Alexandria.Where is this city?When it was founded?What sights you can see here?Answers to these questions can be found below.

Alexandria (Ukraine): map and geographical location

City with the poetic name of Alexandria is situated on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 6000 hectares at the confluence of the two rivers of the steppe - Ingulets and Berezovka.Geographical location City: Ukraine, Kirovohrad region.Alexandria is located 70 kilometers from the regional center and 350 kilometers from the capital.Location of the village on the map of Ukraine can be seen in the following map:

through this prairie city hosts international motorway "Makhachkala - Brest", as well as an important railway line "Znamenka - Debaltsevo."

Alexandria (Ukraine) is located within the flat portion of the Dnieper Upland, densely rugged valleys of several rivers, as well as beams and numerous ravines.In some places on the surface of here out of solid rock Precambrian age (gneiss, quartzite and granite).

climate of this area is temperate continental, with hot dry summers and relatively cold winters with little snow.Last year in Alexandria falls no more than 500 millimeters of precipitation.These climatic conditions are favorable for the cultivation of many crops: wheat, corn, beet.The natural (virgin steppe) vegetation within the city and in the surrounding area practically does not occur.In Alexandria, there are two small forest areas, the main tree species which are maple, oak, poplar, acacia and lime.

Alexandria (Ukraine): a brief history of the city

According to legend, the city was founded Cossack Us.The first mention of the settlement on the site (it just was Usovka farm) dates back to the year 1746 by historians.The historic city center is situated at the confluence of the rivers Ingulets and Berezovka.Here on the island Zasnova, planned to create a landscaped park with a monument to the founder of Alexandria.However, until the implementation of this project, the city does not have enough funds.

favorable geographical position of Alexandria helped to turn it into an important transport and industrial center of the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century.At the same time begin the first attempts to develop a generous deposits of brown coal.

The city of Alexandria has its own flag and the official coat of arms.The latter consists of three fields - gold, green and magenta.The billboard depicts two Cossack saber.One of them wrapped oak branch, and the other - a laurel.

Economy Alexandria

The city's economy is based on heavy industry (especially mining and engineering).In the mid-twentieth century, it begins the rapid industrial development of Alexandria, which is primarily manifested in the intensive development of local brown coal deposits.Then the city was laid seven coal mines and built three mines.In addition, it employs a unique plant, which produces mineral wax.

In 2000, the number of workers in the Group "Aleksandriyaugol" started to decline rapidly.Today we can say that the coal industry of the city is in a state of stagnation.

Alexandria continue to operate several engineering plants that produce electrical machines and equipment for the food industry and agriculture.Also, the city has a brewery - a branch of the well-known company "Obolon".


Town Alexandria is not very rich in historical and cultural monuments.However, there is a lot to see for tourists.

In pre-Soviet times in Alexandria were five beautiful Orthodox churches, however, they were all destroyed in the years of struggle with the "opium of the people."Nevertheless, to have survived about a hundred buildings of pre-revolutionary age, which have architectural value.One of the most interesting in the city - the building of the fire station in 1897.

The city installed several dozen monuments and obelisks, among which stands out the monument "Conquerors of Space" in Shevchenko Park, as well as a sculptural composition dedicated to outstanding teachers Vasily Sukhomlinsky.

Alexandria is also worth visiting the so-called Museum of Peace, which is included in the list of the most interesting museum facilities in Europe.


Alexandria (Ukraine) - a small town in the Kirovograd region from 80-thousand population.It is located in the steppe zone, on the banks of a large river Ingulets.The city is known from 1746 year.In the second half of the twentieth century Alexandria was an important center of the brown coal industry of the Soviet Union.Today, however, the industry is not experiencing the best of times.