Survey - is a modern step in the marketing policy

modern market of goods and services is experiencing serious competition for the consumer.In order to work more effectively, the majority of manufacturers, suppliers, real products or intangible services, uses a variety of marketing policy, use creative ways to work with staff and clients, consumers, actual and potential.One effective tool for marketing and advertising, have won wide popularity, it was a survey or poll.

Features method

  • Survey - is collect certain information depending on the purpose of the meeting and the organization, which is engaged.It is very widely used in politics, psychology and sociology, pedagogy and career guidance for the selection of personnel in an organization, in the diagnosis of supply and demand in the labor market and production.
  • Traditionally survey - a response to a pre-created issues to highlight interesting aspect of the problem, provide general or detailed picture, provide the necessary information.After studying the results of the survey summed certain outcome, perform mathematical or statistical calculations and make certain conclusions.
  • clear that the survey - it is the work with the questionnaire, the questions in it are grouped in a special way.And the answers must be either ambiguous, such as "yes / no" (closed profiles) or in any form, which may contain elements of reasoning (open).
  • Finally, questioning - is a form of the survey, which can be carried out directly with the people (full-time, direct) or in the form of absentee voting by telephone, Internet, remote.It can be oral or written, as well as non-verbal - in the form of drawings, graphs, charts, etc.In addition, the survey is a single, that is,is carried out once for any reason (for example, the release of a new product, a new series of goods), and dynamic, multiple (public opinion polls on any political occasion).In the latter case it is possible to predict certain actions or events (polling during the election campaign).

Survey and Market

The survey is considered a strong and useful marketing step.Thus, the survey consumer gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir interests and preferences, yield important information about how real and potential buyers belong to a certain commodity or product, in any kind and form of services specifically require, how firms and companies clearly prefer.Thus, a realistic picture of demand is determined on the basis of which the market can generate their proposals and assess the shortcomings of the work to meet the needs of the population.

Types questioning

poll can be made in various forms:

  • Internet surveys, questionnaires are sent to users when online shopping, special forums, or simply owners of real e-mail addresses.It can be paid or free - depending on company policy.
  • Survey buyers in stores or in the market at the place of direct purchases-sales.
  • poll questionnaire sent out by mail.
  • Survey by phone calls or SMS.
  • Survey of experts.
  • Mediated learning interests and needs of the total mass of buyers.
  • Survey of Consumer particular age or social group.
  • Trading audit and evaluation.


are going to conduct a survey, you should always remember that the survey - it's strictly voluntary, often anonymous, and forced element is not allowed.On the contrary, in order to attract people to participate in the survey, many organizations use in their work a promotional item: in completing the sheet protesters waiting for a gift or a discount on goods.This type is called promotions and allows not only to obtain the necessary information, but realize not particularly chassis products.