Corporate Television

approaching the mass flow of entrants to universities and vocational schools.The first is much more popular than the second, because higher education has now become available. PTU - losers and mentally retarded .It is the majority opinion.

We grew up smart and talented, and we just need a university degree, maybe more than one, we read a lot of books on how to be a boss and everything, everything we know.Every second, our friend, if not an economist, the manager.Going to the store for milk, you can not find, but nice pobeseduesh the seller, who will likely also higher education.And they say "bad living"!No, we - well, this is our country is poor.She did not have enough manpower, are plants froze industry, on our roads impossible to travel - landing cars ignore national features Russian roads.And domestic brands and their owners, as a rule, representatives of working professions (millers, foremen, etc.) have become a major subject of ridicule comedy shows with questionable "patriotic" name.All this is a lot of fun.

And we can as much as necessary to laugh, frozen in the industrial stage of development, talk endlessly about the incredible Russian potential, which is nowhere to apply, scolding bureaucrats complain about corruption and social instability, and so on. D. Anything, just not working.

froze domestic industry at the turn of the 80s, and it's not random numbers.Indeed, in Soviet times, a powerful motivator for citizens was propaganda.Young people went to technical schools and colleges, taught trades and really proud of it.

But how is it that Whence such an attitude to the working class and contempt for labor in general?As heroes of the movie and TV series have become businessmen, gangsters, prostitutes model?Moral fallen hero will cause more sympathy and understanding, a person engaged in work directly with ... what?Yes, it just did not show, the homeless, and you will see more often!So why all know who Sasha White, and no one remembers who the Pavel Korchagin?These are questions that do not require an answer, a problem in itself a decision.Whoever was a modern hero, he will always be an example to follow.The case for small - to show the new hero.

And we, as professionals in their field, get to work!Broadcaster PromTV already takes

- a series of documentary films in the genre docking reality of the industrial workers, their relationship

- cycle production of mini-films about the process and technology of production of various mechanisms and devices

- a new, unique tool for the promotion of domestic productsthe market will be - Corporate TV (own channel venture covering the lives of workers, providing internal and external communications of the enterprise)

broadcaster Ā«PromTVĀ» removes commercials, TV shows, movies, video clips from 1998.We are actively struggling with a deficit of correct transmission of Russian television.We have already filmed a lot of movies about the production process.And we do know how the labor process is fascinating and fascinated, as the most often want to pick up an instrument and experience the joy of creation.We are able to show everything so as not to tear it was ... So why not use this effect for a good cause?By joining forces, we will refund the promotion of workers' jobs, it will attract qualified staff to enterprises and increase awareness of domestic brands.Our project will be not only the most powerful element of propaganda, but also an exciting TV show!

Films will be broadcast both in Russia and abroad through resource will raise the domestic industry to the world level.

Propaganda today - it is advertising.You want to buy goods - tell us about it nicely, you want to have good people working - show how great they be!

first commercial Internet TV offers the public and industrial structures to take part in solving the overall problem of staff shortages and vocational education in Russia.

State support, industry and the media - are the three pillars on which the success of Russian business.

The interaction of these key elements, universal conveyor domestic industry run more efficiently!