Can I remove the Google Play services on the "Android"?

Do I need to explain to the owners of Android-devices, which is a web-based application Google Play?Android system itself is designed IT-giant Google.Not surprisingly, all services included, not only in mobile gadgets, but also in the browser, integrated into the main menu "OSes" mobile device.True, there are several contentious issues for which few people pay attention.

Android: first encounter

Typically, when faced with the question of whether you can remove the service Google Play, will first have to deal with the fact that all by itself is the service.As a rule, this widget is mainly present in the main menu of any smartphone or tablet running OS Android.

Nothing wrong with that.The fact is that in order to promote certain services, any "Operating System" from the family of Android was originally set to decline the user to use a particular function, offers a service Google (Google+, Gmail, Play Games, Play Press, etc.).

Naturally, for each user, or if you want the device to be created Account registration record.As a rule, this applies to first create an account on the service Google confirmation e-mail Gmail.It is something initially delete or not.You can do this later.At least, even for password recovery access to Google services in the mail can be accessed from the normal home computer, laptop or mobile device by specifying the appropriate address in the Internet browser.

But what if you create such a record does not want to?Here the solution, whether it is possible to remove the Google Play services on Android, limited to the production of the so-called root-rights or access to the superuser.

Removal of the service without the possession of such rights is virtually impossible.Built-in Android-application interface is automatically activated, and studies show system processes "hang" in memory of the smartphone or tablet constantly.Even if you delete all completely herself "Operating System" will still transmit data to servers corporation.I would like it or not, in the background, such transfer is made at the first attempt to connect to the Internet.

Naturally, this must be fought.For example, if the problem with that, is it possible to remove the service Google Play (fast battery consumption implies), use standard mobile operating system is not necessary.There will need additional programs like CCleaner or interesting application for methodical cleaning "hanging" program DU Battery Saver.

Google Play

But that's not all.Wondering about how can I remove Google Play services as unnecessary, it is necessary to dwell on the particular consequences.Those who may show up only after the uninstall any component of the overall service.So be careful.

What is most interesting, questions like "Can I remove the service Google Play, rapid drain on the battery to remove or simply to save on charging?"solved simply.In any application responsible for the condition of the battery tablet or smartphone (provided that such exists), there is a special cleaning mode memory.Unload all programs, hanging there unnecessarily, you can begin to remove some of the components.

the example of Sony Xperia smartphones are several highlights.First of all, even if the user has root-access, or the super-user, in any case, you can not delete an application Xperia Home.In essence, this is a normal launcher, triggering display of graphical interface Android-system as applied to a particular model of the smartphone.

Can I remove Google Play services, as such, at all?Can.But this would require either obtaining appropriate permissions or full flashing mobile gadget.And then, after the application of the new firmware no one can guarantee that it will work stably, and furthermore, accept removing modules Google.

By the way, if anyone knows, the question of whether you can remove the service Google Play, and is solved by the accompanying software installed on a computer terminal for controlling a mobile gadget.Thus, for example, are quite popular programs such as My Phone Explorer or Mobogenie, which are designed to work with smartphones or tablets, regardless of model or manufacturer.Naturally, you can find specialized tools for a particular brand.This much different company Samsung, which makes mobile software for almost every new flagship model.

Browser Google Chrome: a problem with viruses

consider another important issue.Solving the problem of whether to remove the services Google Play 4PDA, it can be connected also with the presence of the Google Chrome browser on your mobile device or computer.

Practice shows that in recent years the cases, even when downloaded from the official website distribution present threat.Moreover, the browser is configured in such a way that it can block the removal of a component of any service.


As is clear, the registration is done through the creation of an account in the e-mail server Gmail.We have said that to create a register for access to the Play Store still have.They sometimes have to answer the first incoming message in the mail for the confirmation process.On the other hand, in this and all the ends.So the service itself can be removed without problems.

Loading system resources

With regard to system resources, it should be noted that almost all Google applications in one way or another affect the system by loading it into the background in the extreme.It is recommended to use at least some primitive programs to stop background services, not to mention the removal of such mobile gadget.

Play Market: uninstall

Can I remove Google Play services on Android?Yes, you can.Here already all depends on the needs of the user.In principle, if the access to the storage applications and games someone is not needed in the removal of the entire system will not affect.Moreover, many users will disappear headache associated with a constant reminder of that came something new (of course, if the alarm function included).

To uninstall, you can use the usual tug of the program to the top of the screen (in the mode when displaying all programs), which should see the icon "Delete".From the desktop widget (the label) is removed by dragging down (in the "shopping cart").Note that in this case, removing the reference to the program and not the application itself.

Loading memory and CPU

From the foregoing it is clear that the services Google, built into a standard set of operating system Android, the system load is strong enough.If someone used the system utilities for cleaning the same memory, surely noticed that the system uses more than half of the available resources.Not to mention the loaded program, in this case, even if Google services do not stop optimizing.Everything is very simple.The device finds their system.

remove residual components

If there is a root-rights mode, or Super User, you can remove almost everything.However, it is not necessary to use a standard uninstaller built into the very operating system Android, delete or apply for access to the same Google Play.Naturally, this situation can only be to remove the associated service, and then not always.

Better "carry" itself Google Play using the same application CCleaner.He, by the way, in contrast to the popular program Clean Master, which all praise the right and left, removes everything that may be present in the system.

Do not believe me?Try to install these two programs and compare their performance.At Clean Master occurs only psevdoudalenie (or completion of the process at some point).Then it needs to be switched on again and again.But CCleaner even when deciding whether to remove the services Google Play, behaves somewhat differently, erasing even hidden from the user cache folders and temporary files left after work programs or visiting Internet sites.

If all else fails

What advice, if any of the above methods do not help?Just say that the question of whether it is possible to remove the Google Play services on the "Android", should be addressed with access to root-rights.Of course, do not overdo it, otherwise the user who does not know what each particular service, can create such a situation that the system does not function.

In this case, it may be advisable to update the system itself, uninstaller, or, in the end, to re-define access to root-rights.Perhaps, apart from them, in some cases may require treatment "superuser."

conclusion remains to add that the removal of the built-in Android OS Google services nothing serious.Essentially the entire system will be affected only benefit, as memory will not be involved in such a loaded version.At the very same OS are not affected in any way.In a pinch, you can restore your system from a backup copy or download the application from Google Play unofficial source, and then re-install.