Gwyneth Paltrow about the secrets of the perfect figure " At some point I felt that I just burst into tears " (photo + video )

famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow) has recently demonstrated a remarkable figure in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine Hamptons Magazine, where she starred along with his fitness trainer Tracy Anderson (Tracy Anderson).Fotoduet Rene & amp;Radka depicted the two beautiful women in stylish dresses from Dolce & amp; Gabbana, Donna Karan and Zac Posen.

And Gwyneth told how hard it had at the beginning of training, and Anderson helped her out of the crisis.Read also tips of this famous stellar coach.

40 letyaya Tracy Anderson, the owner of a fitness studio Tracy Anderson Method, is a personal trainer of an entire group of stars from Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) - to Lena Dunham (Lena Dunham).However, it can be considered Gvinet Paltrow his most loyal client of the ladies even partnership in the "healthy lifestyle program" called 3 Green Hearts.

In media interviews Hollywood star recalls Tracy helped her achieve such good shape, "At the beginning of classes I had to train 6 times a week, as it was necessary to urgently bring themselves to rate the shooting in" Iron Man "(Iron Man, 2008).

I remember that at some point I felt that I burst into tears because she could not longer bear such loads, it was too hard for me.And Tracy told me then: "Do not even think to throw, is not an option.Exercise - it's like brushing your teeth, you just get up in the morning and do it, and get used to it. "Her words really supported me and helped me.I realized that I feel like not a victim and an adult woman who takes care of his body, health, well-being, a sense of youth and strength. »

In addition, Tracy helps actress and other tips: for example, it does not recommend fitness techniquesbased on only one group of repetitive exercises.

«If you want to balance and harmonious development, good communication with their own body, do not go too far," - says Tracy.- "If someone constantly squeezes all the heavier weight or almost gets off the bike, it creates a terrible imbalance in the body, excessive developing only one muscle group, and other groups remain weak and untrained.»

«I have seen women whorun 15 miles a day, but they saggy buttocks, "- says Tracy.- "And all because they are constantly developing one muscle group, ignoring all the others, but without the balanced development of the figure does not improve.»

especially Tracy pleased with the success of Gwyneth in aerobics: "I am proud of how she stubbornly worked, but notaccustomed to aerobics, but did not complain, and achieved considerable success. »

told by Tracy Anderson, and a little bit about yourself.It turns out that the famous star fitness trainer is not particularly interested in makeup and beauty treatments, only occasionally allows himself a manicure at the salon, and massage it makes coming home a specialist.

In his technique on healthy lifestyle main factor Anderson said achieving a balance, which is important not only training, but also proper nutrition.Of course, she was in favor of organic products, full of useful nutrients and vitamins.And Tracy fitness technique influenced the course and a variety of physical activities, including aerobics and even ballet.

Now look fragments of interviews and footage from the shooting Gwyneth Paltrow for the magazine Women's Health:

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