Grandparents children's eyes in a photo project Joni Lefevre

cult of youth in contemporary visual culture leads to the fact that older people are too often portrayed dependent and helpless.Student Academy of Design from the Netherlands Joni Lefevre (Yoni Lefévre) decided to break this stereotype by means of photographs taken on the grounds of children's drawings.

demographic aging of the population - an objective reality of our time.The average life expectancy in developing countries has grown steadily throughout the century, and has already crossed the threshold beyond which the percentage of the population over sixty years of age is higher than the percentage of the population under the age of fifteen.

This pattern is associated with serious economic problems, and the majority of people perceived negatively.Pensioners living in the state at the expense of the content and children, the default is considered a burden for the next generation.But Dutch social designer Joni Lefevre (Yoni Lefévre) has a different opinion.She claims that the older generation can and should make an active and significant contribution to the life of modern society.

This idea was the basis for the photo project «Grey Power» (literally - "gray power", the term adopted in sociology to refer to political, economic or social impacts of the elderly), in which Lefebvre asked four children to draw their grandparents orgrandmothers.

As it turned out, in the eyes of their grandchildren seniors does not look decrepit and helpless.On the other hand, colored pencil drawings depict cheerful, dynamic scenes in which grandparents play tennis, planting flowers, and enjoying life in full.Grandfather 11-year-old Ana even grown his three extra pairs of hands, because of the two upper limbs are sorely lacking for vacuuming, fish, engage in the garden, play ball and do another bunch of things at once.These figures Joni Lefevre reproduced in photographs, trying as much as possible to bring the images to the "original."

«Children look to their grandparents as active people who add life of a family of colors, - says the project Lefebvre.- Their fresh perspective can help shape a more sensible and positive view of the structure of our society. "

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