Yellow-blue flag of Ukraine, its history and fate

No state can not exist without the rituals and symbols.Ukraine in its history several times regained independence.The last time this happened in 1991.Just four months have been approved small coat of arms and the flag of Ukraine, stylized trident and two-tone fabric, consisting of horizontal fields, blue and yellow.According to historians, describing the events connected with the collapse of the USSR, the age-old dream come true majority of the population of that part of the Union, which lived on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR.

historical contradictions between East and West of the country have led to many dramatic events that occurred and continue to burn conflicts, including armed.After the "Maidan" opinion of the citizens of the Southeast government "independence" is no longer taken into account.In turn, residents of some regions refuse to perceive the positive attributes of the state, including the flag of Ukraine.Photos from the scene of the tragic events that led to the victim in Od

essa, Mariupol, Zaporozhye and other cities give an explanation of this rebellion.For a large percentage of the population of the yellow-blue paint became a symbol of violence and brutality.This can not be forgotten.

yellow-blue sources

its origins story of the flag of Ukraine rests at a time when the place names were different.In pre-Christian Russia yellow color and its shades symbolize fire element.Blue represents water, an endless source of life.This scheme has traditionally held a pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala: Fiery wheel rolling into the water, lights, floating in rivers and streams and other ancient attributes.

Flags while those of the Slavs was not the role of combat characters carried banners represent different bundles of bright and visible from a distance of objects from bird feathers to the herbal variety of colors.Since the fourteenth century, it had the division of spheres of influence between the European West (represented by Rzeczpospolita, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania), and Russian lands.The front edge of the border (of the state borders was still saying it was too early) has become part of the Kievan Rus', hence the name of the future of the country.

within the Commonwealth

first Ukrainian flag became famous during the Battle of Grunwald (1410), however, if the independent power he did not personified.Division of the Polish army, recruited from residents Leopolskoy (Lviv) land opposed the Crusaders under the banner with the image of a lion on a yellow-blue azure field.

Ethnic symbolism was further developed during the war of liberation from Polish oppression under the leadership of Bogdan Khmelnitsky (1648-1654).However, if the colors were different, preference raspberry and red shades such contemporaries described the Cossack hetman banners.

National symbols in one form or another remained in applying attributes to the military and the arms Little Russian cities during the time of the Russian Empire and after the February Revolution.For the case when General Brusilov welcomed in May 1917 units of Ukrainian volunteers, who arrived on the German front under the national flag.

Austrian Ukrainophiles and presented the flag

interesting case occurred after the suppression of the Russian army of the Austrian revolution of 1848.The pro-Russian sympathies of the local population so frightened the government rescued the Habsburgs, it is in full force to resign as governor Stadium went on a fairly non-standard political move.He expressed his readiness to support the striving for autonomy Ukrainians, if they do not consider themselves Russian, presenting them with yellow and blue flag of Ukraine, allegedly linked the mother of the Austrian Emperor (which was not true).


events of the revolution in 1917 led to the redrawing of borders and re-evaluation of historical perspectives.After the proclamation in 1918 of UNR (Ukrainian People's Republic) was adopted by a temporary law that was first officially established by the State flag of Ukraine, and the yellow color was placed on top.Then came the coup, in which power was seized by the hetman Skoropadsky, starting with the fact that the flag has changed places.The national symbol is the flag remained supporters of independence, operating underground in occupied Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and the territories until 1939.With the yellow-blue ensign in 1939, western Ukrainians greeted the Red Army.

flag of the Ukrainian SSR

After the 1917 revolution, the Soviet of the Ukrainian authorities refused to recognize the Central Rada.In Kharkov, was adopted by its flag, of course - red, with the letters US SR Then, in 1937, was made an amendment, tips Ukrainian "pleased", hence the need to write U.R.S.R., however, in the places of residence of the Russian-speaking population and allowed in Russian.

later decades, the Soviet flag of Ukraine was again changed.The lower third of occupied blue cloth, and the rest is crowned with a hammer and sickle, red remained.

The tragic period of the Nazi occupation collaborators used the national yellow-blue color, however, as long as the German command is not prohibited.Bandera underground use, in addition to Petlyura, another flag, black and red.

Modern Ukrainian flag

Photography and filming, which show brings in a ceremonial hall of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of a giant yellow-blue cloth, walked all the information channels of the world in 1991.Welcomed the action of a prominent Communist Party functionary LMKravchuk became the first President of independent Ukraine.This event was accompanied by mass actions, painted in the same colors.Thus began the modern history of the flag of Ukraine.Patriotic citizens tie yellow-blue ribbons, protesting against the "capture" of the Crimea.Other ribbons, a symbol of victory over Nazism, St. George, are banned.They are, according to the current guidelines are "separatists", "quilted jackets" and "Colorado".

colors of the flag of Ukraine on a plan should symbolize the love of peace and abundant food.Blue sky a golden wheat field crowns, growing profusely on the famous Ukrainian black earth - this is how treated gamma main state symbols of the country.How this dream come true, time will tell ...