The Golden Calf.

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¬ęThe Golden Calf" - an expression that has long been used to describe the wealth, power, money and gold.Let us consider the history of its occurrence.

Biblical legend

expression "Golden Calf" is not one thousand years.Even in the book of "Exodus" of the Old Testament narrator how from slavery in Egypt, Moses led his people into the land promised by God.Once the Israelis for recreation camp was set up at the foot of Sinai.God told Moses to climb the mountain famous for handing him the Ten Commandments, as well as for other settings in which to live his people.At the top of Sinai, Moses spent forty days and forty nights.He constantly talked to God.The long absence of Moses excited Israelis.They decided that he could not return to his people.That is why the Israelites turned to his companions and his brother Aaron.The people asked him to make a god, after which it would be possible to go further.Brother Moses ordered to collect all the gold jewelery from Israel.Of precious metal, he cast the statue of the bull, which was offered as an idol of the people.New sacrificed to the deity and then arranged a holiday.Thus Jews and betrayed his true God.

Moses came down from the mountain top, I saw people feasting.In a rage, he destroyed a new idol and punish the perpetrators of this crime.Since then the golden calf - an image that means the renunciation of the true God to accomplish a purpose in life.It is the accumulation of short-term earthly riches.

Why cells?The fact that the ox in ancient times was a symbol of power and strength.That is why Jews have decided that cells - is a deity, which has helped to bring them out of the land of Egypt.But the Lord said to Moses, that the worship of the idol of greed is not serving Him.The same view is held by the Apostle Paul.

Adoration of the Golden Calf is a natural for the greedy man.But his money very quickly becoming something like a deity.That is what brings the idol of greed and make any sacrifice.Will all the gold in the world become a guarantee of eternal life, love and wisdom?Certainly, these riches are only available to those who truly worship God.So before the golden calf would be a priority in life, any good businessman is thinking.

golden calf Ierovama First

This king of Israel has erected in his kingdom two golden calves, one in Beit El (Bethel), and the other - in the north, in Dan.They are formal symbols foot of the throne of Yahweh.These calves locals worshiped like gods, their cult was maintained for a long time.

Some kings went further, taking victuals cults, but even the most favorably evaluated Bible rulers of the kingdom of Israel did not depart from the worship of Bethel and Danish bulls.

mention idol elsewhere

golden calf as an object of worship appear in later annals.This historical chronicles.They deal with the establishment of the Northern Kingdom of Israel after the split of a single state, and about the choice of a golden calf to guide them.This idol immediately decided to renounce the cult exists in the Jerusalem Temple.

Today, researchers have suggested that the expression "golden calf" means the throne (pedestal).That it is supposed to be seated and the god of Israel.This is similar to a golden calf winged cherubim.They also serve as a solid pedestal of the invisible God.

Hebrew prophets believed to worship the one God, who is seated on a throne decorated with the golden calf, is equivalent to the service of the idol of greed.It severely condemned, and even punished.

Precious metal

known that the most attractive force has gold.For many centuries it was mined and purchased about it passionately dreamed.And all this is due to a combination of beauty of the precious metal, its unique physical properties, as well as the limitations of the available reserves on the planet.

States gold is used as a means for international payments, as well as a guarantee of financial stability.Citizens acquire precious metal to hedge against volatile rates of various currencies.Gold can be found everywhere.It is in the sea and in the river water, in the rocks and in the earth, and, of course, in the windows of jewelry stores.One of them - "The Golden Calf" (Murmansk), specializing in the sale of products made from this particular precious metal.

combination of quality, price and beauty

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