Iasi world and its importance for Russia

Not much happened in the history of our Motherland events which completely changed its geopolitical position and legitimized annexation of territories that are of great economic importance.One of these events was the Iasi peace with Turkey concluded December 29, 1791.However, the start order.

little background

From the very beginning of existence of the Russian state has been forced to defend themselves from troubled neighbors.From the north and west made territorial claims of the Swedes, the Teutons.From the south troubled constant raids Crimean Tatars allies.And if the northern problem was solved with the conclusion in 1721 Nystadt peace treaty, the southern question was on the agenda of the seventy years.No attempts were made to win the Northern Black Sea region in the past, we began to put more Crimean campaigns Sophia Alexeevna, which ended in failure.Limited success can be considered the capture of Azov Peter I, which meant the creation of a base in the southern direction.However Azov had to leave soon.The fighting broke out with new force in 1736, with Anna Ivanovna, while the Russian army under the command of General Field Marshal Minich and Lassie alternately occupied the Crimea, and then he left.It was only under Catherine II, in 1771, Prince Dolgorukov finally separated the Crimea from Turkey, making it independent ...

War of 1787-1791 Crimean

independence did not suit the Ottoman Empire, and it is constantly attempted to returnhis authority over the peninsula.Status ongoing tension continued for more than fifteen years, and in 1787 full-scale war broke out, the result of which was the world of Iasi in 1791.The fighting unfolded around the Northern Black Sea and lower Danube.Russian troops led by Alexander Suvorov was captured a lot of Ottoman fortresses, some of them previously considered inaccessible.In December 1788 under the blows of the troops Suvorov and Potemkin Ochakov fell.At the storming of the fortress distinguished Russian squadron under the command of the Prince of Nassau-Siegen, crushed a Turkish fleet.In 1789 fell Bender, Haji-Bey (now Odessa) and Ackerman.In addition, the river Rymnik Suvorov routed the superior forces of the Sultan, for which he was granted the title of Prince Rymniksky.In 1890 it fell Kealia, Isaccea and Tulcea, and in December was conquered considered impregnable Ishmael.At the storming of the fortress distinguished future great commander Golenishtchev-Kutuzov.Next year Machina has won a decisive victory, and the Turks have requested negotiations.Their result was concluded in December 1791 Iasi world.Thus the Great Port fully admitted defeat.

Iasi world: the main provisions of the document

talks with the Turkish vizier Yusuf Pasha, marked the end of the war, began in October 1791.The head of the Russian delegation, spoke first Prince GA Potemkin-Tauride, and after his death, October 16, took the post of Count Bezborodko.Soon the world was made of Iasi, named after the city of Iasi, where the negotiations took place.They received all the results of Russian northern Black Sea region, along with the Crimea, as well as the area between the Southern Bug and Dniester.In addition, Georgia has been recognized in the zone of influence of Russia.Iasi peace secured access to the Black Sea and gave the impetus to the development of the coastal cities of Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odessa, was instrumental in founding.

The economic consequences of the peace treaty

conclusion of Treaty of Jassy cemented Russia's sovereignty over the northern coast of the Black Sea and permanently protect it from the south.While in the Caucasus and Crimea was still unrest, uprisings, and then were the most real war, it could no longer tear these lands from the Russian Empire.In the Tauride steppes and Crimea began economic expansion.We build commercial ports, shipyard, developed agriculture, cities grew.It's all very attached to the New Russia Empire.At present the population of these places consider themselves Russian world.