Writing an essay: "The image of the Novice in the eponymous poem by Mikhail Lermontov"

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The school program is required to pass all of this work, and wrote an essay on it.Image Novice - one of the most interesting works of Lermontov.Filled with romance and sadness, the hero appears before us a man with incredible willpower.What else draws the reader in this poem?Let's face it.

Summary works

essay "The image of the Novice in the eponymous poem by Mikhail Lermontov" difficult to write without knowing the plot work.Therefore, we will briefly describe its content.The poet tells the story of a little boy-Gorce, which captured the Russian general and took away from home.But in a grueling road boy he became ill, and the military has left him in a monastery.In this quiet abode boy grew up, learned a foreign language, faith and took just about had to take the vows.

But seventeen youth Novice suddenly dawned that the monastery - it is a prison, he vowed once leave.Here, everything is strange, and monks including, though they nearly pulled him from the dead.His soul aspired to home, where towering mighty mountains, where you can hear the native language, which he had forgotten.

guy ran, took the opportunity and went three days in the mountains, intoxicated with nature and the long-awaited freedom.He remembered his childhood, family, language, he longed to get home.Bravely smashing the pangs of hunger, he resisted the force of nature that is both ruined and fascinated.The scene of his struggle with leopard delights the reader by its bright, strong opposition of two natures.But, ironically, Novice lost and returned to the places from which escape began.


It is with a brief retelling of the product is to start writing an essay.Image Novice - central in the poem, the most colorful, vibrant.Monks accidentally found on the banks of the river of his pupil unconscious.They brought him back to the monastery and began to nurse.But after waking up the boy did not want to say, if he has broken from his failed escape.

Only Novice old priest was able to open the soul, telling him about three days, which were the best in his life.The young man did not touch the food, although his body was worn and haggard.Especially a young guy brought closer by its end.


Novice hero - the hero of a romantic, and she wrote a poem in the style of "Prisoner of Chillon" Byron.But if the hero of British poet confronts all of humanity as such, the character of Lermontov is committed to the people.He has a goal - to return to his own, and not to live among those who do not understand the impulses of his soul.Novice

image in the poem - a portrait of a man who was torn from the roots, so it is doomed to destruction.But why the hero was not able to return home, despite a strong desire?It is difficult to answer.Perhaps the young man was not ready mentally, and perhaps he was afraid that he would be there to take over the alien.After so many years have passed!Perhaps his fate was destined to higher powers, and they did not allow him to return home and dear to the heart space.

Instead of an epilogue

essay "The image of the Novice" by Lermontov write interesting, and it is a pleasure to read.Hero may seem broken, but no!In his final words of regret only that his idea was not successful.Novice weary of the fact that he was destined to die a slave and an orphan among strangers, with whom he lived.He is ready to exchange their two lives by one, but a real, full of anxiety and roads.But alas, this is not possible.

Finally requests Novice monks who professed to bury him in the far corner of the monastery garden, which shows his native land.It is not broken, it does not abandon its goal and hopes that after the death of the mortal body, his soul is still able to achieve the coveted given.

This romantic poem written melodic language and filled with philosophical reflections, can not remain indifferent to the reader!