How to obtain a license for the traumatic weapons

In recent years, crime predominates.And in the search for solution to the question of self-defense, many have resorted to a traumatic weapons.If you try, you kill a man, too, can be traumatic weapons, but most of this type of weapon used for the temporary removal of the enemy out of action.The opponent can act as a man and an animal (dog).The legal use of this kind will be considered only if it was used in self-defense, not offense.

Traumatic weapons, or simply abbreviated as "travmatika" can be both professional and civil.Professional models are used by people of law enforcement agencies (hour, patrol and so on. N.).Civil, of course, individuals.As already mentioned, travmatika can become a cause of death, it all depends on where the bullet hit, and from what distance the shot was made.Purpose of the article - to answer the question of how to get a license for the traumatic weapons.

Many say that getting a permit for traumatic weapon - the process is fairly easy and simple.But alas, in reality it is not.Before you go and "ask" a permit to carry, it is necessary to understand what a traumatic weapons.The law, for example, no such thing as "traumatic weapons", not at all.The law has divided all the weapons in the office, military and civil.The latter is divided into sporting weapons, weapons for self-defense, hunting weapons and signal weapons.

As the story line of the law, a permit to carry a traumatic weapons can get a person who has reached the age of majority (18 years), has no criminal record open (and preferably none at all) and having an opinion on the medical examination.This has highlighted the point that civilian weapons (no matter what) should not be able to shoot bursts, and the capacity of the tape (store) must not be more than 10 rounds.

How to obtain a license for the traumatic weapons, I suggested site of the Ministry of Defence.I suggest to get acquainted with this information in more detail.

Theoretically, the procedure for resolving the issue of how to get a license for traumatic weapon, is pretty simple.First, you need to collect a package of documents (it is better to specify a list of the department ATS).Second, you necessarily need to purchase a safe for the safe storage of weapons.Something like: "Keep out of the reach of children."After, you need to pay the state fee (its size varies depending on the type of weapon).Create a statement.In addition, the need to confirm the ability to use traumatic weapons, provide a certificate of no criminal record, and a certificate of a healthy psyche, no alcohol or drug dependence, and so on. N. If all of this you can do it and you have no problems, then after about a month you geta card with your photo on the back of which will indicate that you are the owner of such a weapon.Validity - 5 years.In these 5 years, she has the right to acquire up to 5 weapons, but from the date of purchase within 14 days is required to register it with the police department, where he received permission.

Thanks uncomplicated action, you can learn how to get a license for the traumatic weapons, and thus become its owner.