What is hard work?

word "industry" has long and firmly established in the Russian language.However, not everyone fully understood its meaning.And the truth is that this hard work?Understand that this article will help.

love work - hence, be able to enjoy the process itself

understand what hard work will help the semantics of the word.Expanding on its components, we find two roots: "labor" and "Lili", the latter goes to the root of the word "love."That is a hard-working man - is the one who gets pleasure from the process of creation, production any product, action.

Important in this word - love.That is the kind of person who is constantly in motion, creates a lot of useful things, yet there is a hard-working man, if the process for him is unpleasant, painful, exhausting.The meaning of "hard work" is that the process should deliver the executor joy, pleasure.

quality results - an important component of diligence

But long ago pointed out that actively and continuously to be able to work does not mean to be hard working.After answering a question about what a hard-working, we mentioned that the process should bring joy.

huge role in that work was not a burden to play Manufactured result.If one day sticks out in the vast plantations, performing boring monosyllabic operation weeding alien landings, the result of which he was not destined to see that such activities do not bring him pleasure.

But if he weeding vast areas of onions or beets, will imagine that grew vegetables give a good harvest, the people eating them express words of gratitude to those who made an effort to grow them, the joy of the worker at the timethe process is much increase.But the meaning of "hard work" just means not just regularly performed the procedure, namely the love of work.Sometimes

worker imagines the result of work material compensation, which he received at the end of work.It is also quite an important factor that increases the love for the work performed.

love to work exclusively as a process

thinking about what hard work, some perverted understand its meaning.For example, in rural areas There is a division of people into industrious and lazy.

For example, in the village often worshiped the one who every day in any weather in the winter goes to the forest to collect firewood, traveling on skis in a distant well for water.Compatriots his rank to a clan of hard-working, especially because it makes people happy, voluntarily.And no matter what he is spending precious time on a rather pointless job.

And but one that is pre-stocked with firewood, purchasing them at a reasonable price, reputed to be among the people and lazy loafer.Condemned thrifty villagers, despite the fact that the freed from hiking in the winter for heating furnace material for the "lazy" is trying to raise the intellectual level, or is engaged in writing articles for websites.

That is, both variants of the person could be considered a clan of hard-working people, even though the results of their work will be different.

Many people blindly believe that the work - a process by which the sweat flowing, and after that his feet and hands were shaking from fatigue.However, the word "industry" applies not only to physical labor, but also to the intellectual.

Folk wisdom on work and diligence

There are options in how a person relates to the process of labor and sincerely show, through force or joy, or mindlessly carefully prepared and therefore acting correctly.Russian proverbs reflect the hard work of these relations.

  • «walks to church - knit scarf and a Mass will return - lay down to rest."This proverb reveals the meaning of the behavior of a woman who wants to appear hard-working, but in fact is lazy.
  • «scientist and a little effort."This famous and everyone knows the proverb suggests that the result of any kind of activity is achieved not only perseverance in work, but also a scientific approach.
  • «Day after day lying around - no joy, no happiness, no love can not see!" It expresses the negative attitude of the people to those who do not like to work.Indeed, such a lazy man is unlikely to be good friends, prosperity at home, good wife (or husband), sturdy comfortable home.And all this is a component of the concept of "happiness".
  • «A good beginning is half done.""Glazonki scared and trying to handle.""No gods pots fashioned but burned in a furnace."These three proverb says that the most important thing in any job - is to believe in yourself, take up, and only in the process and the ability to come and skill.

briefly on work and love for him

Sayings of hard work are different from their proverbial brevity.Sometimes it - trimmed proverbs.For example, the phrase "to carry water in a sieve" means a meaningless work.Or consider saying "tread water" and popular expression "Sisyphean labor".

All these expressions are suitable for describing the action minded person who does not know how to start this or that action and perform useless work that does not bear results.Or stupid worker puts in work harder than it is required, use is not intended for this activity prisposoblneniya and technology.

There is another explanation for the origin of these sayings and phraseology.Often people in order to win a reputation as a hard-working man parading begin to do something, do not worry about the result.For example, regularly transferring flowerbed in the courtyard from one place to another, which is totally inappropriate.

«Case Wizard afraid" and "terrible disaster - the beginning" have a meaning: one who wants to achieve results in the work, should reverse itself in fear of him and begin the work.

How to raise a child to the love of work

diligence to education to be effective, it is necessary to hold a conversation with the kid "from the heart".Son or daughter to explain that all the cases of adults are directed to the benefit of the whole family.Therefore it will be very cool if mom and dad will little helpers in which they need so much.We must tell the offspring that if the kids are at home to help their parents, then they will have more time to play together, fun, interesting activities.As a rule, children's laziness is rooted in the realization that household chores should deal with someone else, whereas a child will find something interesting.This may be the reason that in the future people will rise to maladaptive any liability.

best means of protecting the child from laziness - it is, of course, game and all kinds of encouragement.You can start with offers to play, and the child would be pleased for any job.Especially attractive little helpers various competitions.Therefore, be extremely effective competitions for quick washing up, the rate of cleaning toys or neat storage of things, after which necessarily follow awarded: favorite game, walk, candy, or simply praise.