Beautiful handwriting - it's hard work not for one day

At all times valued neat legible handwriting.Beautiful straight lines caused delight and admiration.Even now, when most of the letters and texts printed on a computer, neat handwriting is still relevant and in demand.Teach a child to write beautifully and smoothly - no easy matter.Even more difficult is the ability to purchase an adult.But it is still possible to make enough effort and patience.

When should you start teaching a child the letter?

childish handwriting - nice and neat - the result of the efforts and diligence on the part of both the baby and his parents.Many mothers believe that teaching writing should begin as early as possible.Better still to school as soon as the child learns somehow to hold a pen in his hand.But is it right?Experience shows that too early and unwise teaching writing does more harm than good.

Yes, the child learns to write.But it will certainly be terrible handwriting.The fact is that at an early age child is unreal instill skill of calligraphy.He's just still can not properly keep little fingers handle.A long-term development of handwriting in these circumstances causes the child says wryly, inaudible and under all sorts of biases.Retrain it in the future will be extremely difficult.

So how many years should start classes?The necessary mental and physical development of the baby reaches only to 6 years.It is that time and for the start of classes.Instead of producing writing at an early age, it is better to develop the fine motor skills of the hands of a child.This and the need to deal with up to 6 years.

development of fine motor hand

Any teacher will tell you that children's handwriting - beautiful or, conversely, unintelligible - is the result of the level of development of fine motor skills of hands.The higher it is, the line in the recipe accurately.So from an early age the baby should be offered special classes.It can be molded from clay, cut paper figures, drawing applications, modular origami, weaving beads, paints and drawing pencil.In general, the options are many.For the development of fine motor hand also developed game exercises, such as drawing shapes by connecting the dots lines.This helps the child to learn how to hold a pen.

Handle by writing

If parents are interested in the fact that their children were beautiful and smooth handwriting, the first thing they need to teach your child how to hold a pen.To do this, there are plenty of useful exercises.The simplest example is drawing with crayons in coloring.The child will be carefully paint the picture, the better entrenched skill.It will also help increase the speed of writing that will undoubtedly be very useful when writing dictations.

position and posture of the child when learning to write

Even the most beautiful handwriting in the world - is the result of hard work.Equally important is the position of the body of the child in the classroom.If a small student sitting in an uncomfortable position, then count on the beautiful writing of characters is not necessary.

The baby wrote smoothly and accurately, parents should make sure that he keeps his back, in what position are his hands and feet, and even the way the book is on the table.All of this is important.The correct position of the child's body in the letter is as follows: the elbows are on the table, back straight, feet rest on the floor, legs bent at the knees at a right angle.The height and the chair and the table should be comfortable for the baby.

Teach your child the letter from the prescribing

known that the most beautiful handwriting in the world - Arabic calligraphy.She studied for years, continuously practicing and improving.Perhaps the letters of the alphabet is not so elegant, but the correct spelling is also required long practice.To help your child learn the letter, be reserved words.A small student must always be before the eyes of an example of how should look shaped as letters and syllables, ideally.

If the parents can not buy special notebooks, the recipe can be done independently.Take a sheet of paper and draw a simple figure gently at first, and then, and letters.Let the kid to hone their skills, based on the example of the handwriting of his mother or father.

How to develop beautiful handwriting adult?

To form a beautiful baby legible handwriting - it's not easy, but it is even more difficult to correct an adult.Many argue that this is impossible.But this is certainly not the case.You can retrain.This complex process requires patience and perseverance.

So, how to develop a beautiful handwriting?First you need to train yourself to care.Prepare the workplace, remove all unnecessary, the table should be based only notebooks, pens and pencils.Sit at your workstation correctly.Straighten your back, put your elbows on the table, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor.Put in front of items needed for the exercise.These may be prescription or calligraphic patterns.Do not forget that the ability to properly hold a pencil in the hands depends, Will Develop the beautiful handwriting.

alphabet and simple figures need to write with a pen, holding her thumb, index and middle fingers at a distance of at least 1 cm from the surface of the paper.Slowly write the first letter.If necessary, take the recipe and guided by example.Do this exercise for as long as the letter will not go nicely automatically.It will take a lot of time, so please be patient.Periodically change pens.So you can find the one who wrote it turns beautiful and easiest.In the future, buy only those.Learn how to write a letter, go to the second, until you learn the whole alphabet.Then practice at the syllables and words.

Tricks to help improve handwriting

There are a few tricks that help to solve the question of how to learn beautiful handwriting.First, the write should be slowly and gently.And secondly, training in the study of the letters do not need to note-taking during meetings or lectures, and poems of great poets.Yes, it is beautiful works to inspire.And the child, and the adult is better to assimilate the spelling of words, if there is to rewrite the verses of classics, such as Pushkin, Lermontov or feta.

Another wonderful exercise that helps seize handwriting - it prettification pictures.Why not remember his childhood and did not take up the paint?It's so interesting and very helpful.And how will thus enjoy your children!

How to make beautiful handwriting quickly?

Can I learn to write beautifully in a short time?In general, it is not easy.But there is one little trick.To better learn the letter, ask for help from your loved ones.Let them dictate to you some text.Dictations very well impact on consolidating writing skills.However, the text should be dictated slowly and with deliberation.No hurry.The main thing is to try to write everything down as much as possible beautiful.After a few days of training, you will notice that the handwriting has improved significantly.

definition of a person's character by the handwriting

handwriting can identify some human traits.Many psychologists have long studied the lines written by various people and came to very interesting conclusions.Strong pressure on the handle will give sociable extrovert with a good workability.But little is pressed - a timid romantic nature.It can be as introverted and weak-willed personality.

a close look at the slope of the letters.In its balanced natures, and not at all.They are difficult to deduce from itself and therefore they are straight lines.If it detects a slight tilt to the right, it is evidence that the person who wrote calm and sociable.But if the lines are at a large angle, then before you confident maximalist.The slope to the left will give critics and individualists.

traits can predict the size of the letters in the written line.Sprawling handwriting corresponds to creative people.But the owners of small letters is very thrifty and rational, sometimes even a little stingy.Good gracious people will be given a rounded character.In line optimists always creep up from pessimists - down.At selfish angular letters.

In general, a person can know how to write beautiful handwriting, but he can not hide behind their lines nature.Carefully bred letters show his character and will give an idea of ​​his personality.