As pokleit non-woven wallpaper: some tips

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What is interlining, everyone knows who has had in their lives to deal with tailoring.Tailors use this material for sealing tissue.Nonwoven - a nonwoven material which contains in its structure and cellulose fiber textiles, bonded with polymeric binders.It resembles glass but is much thinner.

Fleece Mural often consist entirely of this material, it is only at the base, which is sprayed on top of the vinyl flooring.This framework makes them lighter, durable and durable than vinyl wallpaper with paper backing.The structure of this material allows the wallpaper stretched after gluing, as well as shrink and warp.If we talk about how non-woven wallpaper pokleit, it is worth noting that this is done easily.Usually, they are taken for painting: good for them to apply acrylic or dispersion paints, repaint and clean.

If you are interested in how non-woven wallpaper pokleit, you should be aware of a few points.They can be glued on any surface: porous concrete, paper, panel, chipboard and wood, drywall, plaster any kind.It is important to remember that the fleece is very thin, so the base is sometimes seen through the wallpaper.If you are not going to put them on top of the paint, it is necessary to ensure that the ground under them was a uniform color that will blend in with their shade.Talking about how non-woven wallpaper pokleit, it should be said that before the beginning of work necessary to remove the old paint from the walls, leveled and primed them.This type of coating is not too demanding on the quality of the surface, so can mask small bumps and cracks, and the relief of the wallpaper terms, the more errors they will cope.

If we talk about how to glue non-woven wallpaper meter, it is worth noting that before the start of work is required to pay attention to the glue.There is only needed a special composition.It is much thicker conventional adhesive wallpaper is not fully impregnates the sheets, and after curing non-yellowing, and vice versa, it is transparent.This point is very important when working with such wallpaper, as they are thin and translucent.If the adhesive tread at the seams, it is carefully removed, otherwise it would become an obstacle when painting.

Analyzing how pokleit nonwoven wallpaper, it should be noted that it uses a special technology.Clay is required only to lubricate the surface on which will be pasted wallpaper.This reduces the flow rate by half.This material is strong enough, so the work can be done without cutting, unwinding a roll directly in the process of gluing.If we talk about how pokleit angle Non-woven wallpaper, then there is also no big deal.The edge of a sheet is to go for a couple of centimeters to the adjacent wall, and then back to back to it will need to glue the second.

When the work is completed, you can start painting.Using different colors, you can not only to achieve a harmonious result, but also extend the life of the wallpaper.