What does the dimple in the chin

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think that the science that studies the features of the appearance, appeared only recently - is fundamentally wrong.Just for a while it is not taken seriously.Do not attach particular importance to the peculiarities of the structure of individuals and their relation with the nature of man.Only recently, this ancient science has gained the title - physiognomy.But our ancestors, though did not give names, already knew how many can tell the shape and structure of the face of the person.Even in ancient Chinese sages predicted the fate of these characters.And very successfully!So one of the emperors was brilliant prediction of the future, when there was only the poor, an unknown orphan.

value form of chin

Chinese called the forehead "sky person", and chin, respectively, the "ground".A considerable number of sages based their conclusions on these two components, considering them the most important for human beings.And it is interesting that the shape of the forehead was much more important than for men.About the fate of women's longer can tell the chin.This is due to the fact that the bottom face of the Chinese associated with the earth, which means feminine.While the sky was masculine.The narrow and short bottoms shall be considered a bad sign, which will adversely affect the further fate.A broad chin, both men and women, on the contrary, meant prosperity in the future.

He promised a happy quiet old age, in which the holder will know more happiness than misery, will enjoy the benefits that are gained in a lifetime of hard work.Portend well-appointed accommodation, the absence of health problems, wealth and fame.It is also a very good sign for the person named in every way protruding chins: upturned (then the type of person called "heaven and earth, looking at each other"), and a massive fleshy, full, projecting forward.They talked about the strong will of the people, their ability to cope with any adversity, as well as the love of worldly goods and heightened sexuality.

Favorable face shape Chinese believed this godsend, the gift of the gods.People with the "right" face shape automatically as members of the successful, if not now then in the near future.And of course they are not threatened miserable old age in poverty, whatever it really was.Nobody knows for sure whether their predictions are true, but this tradition has lasted a very long time.

Double chin

Strange as it did not appear in our age with obesity, the most favorable sign of the Chinese believed a double chin.However, such shape may be not only of people suffering from overweight.Contrary to popular belief, there is a double chin and slim people.In China, it was the best guarantee for the well-being after the age of fifty.

This foreshadowed chin comfort and serenity on reaching old age.But even at a younger age his owners become successful in his profession, received financial stability.It was believed that such people rarely indulge in sensual pleasures, even in old age.Also, their desires throughout life coincide with the possibilities.

dimpled chin: the value

simple language so called indentation on the human skin.If it concerns a person, most often refers to the dimples that appear in some with a smile, or a dimple in his chin.Often they are most noticeable at an early age, but the years are smoothed out or even disappear.This is due to the fact that our facial muscles gradually lengthened.But some remain a feature until old age.Also, it is now possible to create dimples artificially - by means of plastic surgery.

Every feature in the physiognomy has a definite meaning.So a dimple in his chin is in the national interpretation of human kindness.Such a definition is especially true for men, and the very shape of the chin for them is more important.Surprisingly, we have here and the inhabitants of ancient China almost unanimous opinion.Dimple on his chin in the science of physiognomy characterizes a person as holder of a strong, indomitable will.

These men - these fighters, they are resolute and have the established firm and even rigid.But at the same time they can be described as the lovers of the fair sex, has a bright temperament.It is believed that such men and women attract attention because they are spoiled.Sometimes it may mean a dimple duplicitous character.Her quirky owner of a very versatile, able to achieve their goals, how to use cunning and enviable stubbornness.