What is "true"?

As you know, various subcultures, minorities and other groups of people united by common interests, has its own slang.What it is?Sleng - a group of words used by a limited circle of people (for example, adherents of the same profession, and so on. D.).Why is it needed?Slang words are used to disguise the meaning of what has been said and as it is banal sounds, making a more diverse vocabulary.In this article we will talk about the so-called Internet jargon.More specifically, a fairly common term "true".What is "true"?The answer to this burning question is covered in this article.

Internet Slang

Quite often on the Internet you can find strange and at first glance incomprehensible words.Such lexical units called network jargon or simply internet slang.As a rule, these words have their roots in the English language.For example, "flood" (of English flood - "flow"), "Haight" (from the English hate - "hate"), "holivar" (from the English holy war - "holy war") and so on.Sometimes, to understand the meaning of such words uninitiated people very hard.In this article we speculate about one of the most popular Internet jargon - "true".What is "true"?What is the origin of this word?All this and much more you can read below.

What is "true"?

Some people have only recently started to explore the vastness of the World Wide Web.Because of his inexperience beginners start to wonder napodopie: "What is the" labor "?"This article aims to answer these questions.

"Tru" (from the English true - "real", "true") - a word that often can be seen during the communication on the Internet.What does "true"?This expression refers to the elitism of any object, phenomenon or act.What is most interesting, "true" also refers to a national identity.For example, the phrase "true-beer" will talk not only about the delicious taste of the beverage, but also its German origin.

addition, this console can be used to emphasize the brutality.For example, the "true father" means a person who has reached the limit of skill in a particular area (usually used in video games).


the first time the word - true - was seen in the slang of Metalworkers (fans of heavy rock music).Then it was used with English black.In those days a "true black metal" means a real heavy metal music and performers from Norway.If the "true black metal" is used in relation to man, it means that it is a loose, like a real metalhead, lifestyle (ignites the Church hates Christians involved in satanic or pagan rites and creates other evils).In the course of popularization of heavy music the word came into use of American youth.After that it went around the world and is now used even in the Russian segment of the Internet.

In addition, there is a version that the word "true" as the jargon first appeared in the famous beer advertising from the famous company Bud.Then the main slogan read roller True (was used in relation to beer).


With what is "true", sorted.But often in the vast web you can find similar writing the word - "tru".What does it mean?

In fact, "tru" and "true" - it is one and the same word with the same meaning.So why have the first option has an extra letter?This is done in order to distinguish the Internet from the jargon of this writing Russian verb.After all, because of the similarity between the two words Internet users often occurs misunderstanding (on this basis even invented a lot of jokes).In addition, many believe that the capital letter "b" gives the word more brutality.