DC in human life

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term "DC" has several kinds of definitions, and each of them deserves special attention.Most often, this concept is called an electric current having a constant on-time properties, directions and options.The existence of a direct current is only possible in a closed circuit.This is due to the need to maintain a constant voltage, which is fundamental to this phenomenon.In spite of the various sources of DC, the definition always remains the same.

DC has a number of sources, which are widely used in everyday life.The main ones are electric engines generators.The sources also serve as solar cells, battery cells and thermocouples.The simplest form of the constant current source can be called batteries (battery cells).In this case, DC has a distinctive feature - the possibility of multiple use, making these elements quite useful and inexpensive in daily operation.Agree, if every time to buy ordinary batteries on the camera, the pictures will increase substantially the cost price.To achieve this process may be due to the property of reversibility of chemical reactions.

Electrical machines and DC generators are electromechanical DC sources.The DC power supply - converting mechanical power into electrical current.It involves a variety of electric cars and other vehicles.And based on the same production of electricity by alternative methods - wind and hydropower.

There are several types of converters DC.The most common option - a rectifier, which is often used in devices operating from the mains.Rectifiers are classified depending on the power of the main rectification circuit, depending on the number of phases that are used in the work.Also, they are used in conjunction with DC amplifiers.In addition, the classification of different options to manage output parameters, by the presence of stabilizing devices.All possible options for the classification list is almost impossible.But one way or another, almost all of them present in our homes and apartments, as without them is almost impossible to use modern equipment.

DC is mainly used in the work of various equipment.The power source of almost all the electronic circuits it is an electric current.For the existence of a direct current is sufficient that there are two prerequisites - free electric charges and the electric field.

In today's world, electricity is mainly produced in special plants.This happens only on the basis of technical and economic considerations.Due to the constant current power is distributed among multiple receivers that consume energy is not permanent, and AC.And just before reaching a specific destination, an alternating current is converted to direct current through simple device.Another application of DC in the modern world - the railways.Many models of electric locomotives operate mainly due to the consumption of electric current.

As we can see from all of these reasons it can be concluded that the DC firmly took the leading place in the course of human life.It is difficult to imagine what will happen to humanity if suddenly disappear electricity, DC!