What is pizza: types.

speak about what happens pizza can be infinite, since the recipes of dishes there are a million, just as secrets relating to the preparation of the dough and toppings to it.By combining different products, you can achieve a unique taste.However, there are certain secrets, following which you can cook very delicious traditional Italian meal.

The history of the most popular pizza

"Margarita" is considered to be the easiest option, but because that recipe is not very complicated, is not any less tasty.The name of this dish was given in honor of Queen Margaret - it was her pizzaiolo R. Esposito dedicated pizza, which is similar in color to the flag of Italy.Mozzarella, basil and tomatoes - white, green and red colors of these products very successfully reproduced the Italian tricolor.By the way, another interesting fact - this includes a pizza exactly the same ingredients as the famous salad whim.Two of these dishes are considered classics in the traditional Italian cuisine.


So what happens pizza "Margarita"?In the traditional version it includes the above three ingredients.However, some add to this the additional cheese.

Pizza dough yeast should be - it's easy to cook.Teaspoon of yeast mixed with 250 grams of flour, add a little salt on top and pour 2/3 cup of warm water.Mix thoroughly, adding a lot of pre-oil and grease them his hands that the dough is not sticking.Thoroughly mash it and keep fit - preferably in a water bath.For the filling need mozzarella (suitable medium balls), ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil sauce and hard cheese.Of course, not without the traditional ingredient - olive oil.

Recipe for

So the pan should be greased.No need abundant enough one tablespoon.The dough is rolled out and spread on a baking sheet.Then the resulting layer of sauce smeared.Cooking it is easy - in the tomato paste to add three cloves of garlic (crush them do not), a pinch of Italian herbs and boil.It is necessary to keep the sauce on the fire until until it boils.So, on the dough, greased the resulting tomato mass, laid ripe tomatoes cut into slices, then mozzarella, it must also be cut in such a form.The layer thickness should be about 1 centimeter.Mozzarella put a tomato, or between them.Top laid carefully washed basil.Then put the pizza in the oven, preheated to 220 degrees, and wait 15 minutes.Then you on a fine grater grate cheese, sprinkle them almost finished dish, bake again send (on two minutes), and then you can bring to the table.

Neapolitan Pizza: how to cook the dough

continuing to speculate about what happens pizza, do not forget about the Neapolitan.It is in Naples in the XVIII century opened the first pizzeria in the world where prepared in a huge stone oven, and there appeared this recipe.Of course, it is now preparing a few, but if you adhere strictly to the recipe, you can make a terrific meal in modern oven.

Different kinds pizza differ in their culinary specialties.The dough is no exception.Of course, it is possible to make and standard recipe which was described above, but various kinds of Italian pizza should differ from each other not only filling, but also a test.For the next prescription is required of wheat flour finely ground (half a kilogram), warm defend water (about 400 ml), olive oil, salt and even sugar, but a little - a teaspoon.Sift the flour should be in a convenient container in the middle of the hill make a recess in which to put salt, sugar, yeast and oil.Gradually add warm water, mix all the ingredients inside, make an indentation.When the yeast will start to dissolve, you can knead the mass.15 minutes is enough to knead the dough for a perfect Neapolitan pizza.Then it must be placed in a water bath and remove when it becomes twice.


If we talk about the kinds of Italian pizza, it should be noted that the Neapolitan is the original taste.After all, it consists of seafood - mussels and anchovies, giving the dish a delicious taste.Also needed peeled tomatoes (4 pieces), cheese (suluguni, mozzarella), onions, olives and olive oil.

tomatoes cut into thick slices, fry the onions, wash the seafood.A small piece of dough to stretch the fingers approached (a traditional Neapolitan pizza never rolled out with a rolling pin) so that the thickness of the edge was about 6 mm, and in the middle - half.Talking about what kinds of pizza are and what characteristics they share, it should be noted that the Neapolitan is prepared on a thin dough.By the way, before to lay the stuffing, it is necessary to lubricate the surface of the butter and egg yolk.Typically, cheese sprinkled on top of everything, but in this case part of it is put to the test, and only then - tomatoes, fried onions and seafood.But also be sprinkled on top of cheese.Almost done, left to put the pizza in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

dough for savory "Four Cheese"

What are toppings for pizza?Various - mushroom, vegetable, meat ... But the lovers of spicy and refined taste of the spirit will have to dish filling which consists of cheese.To prepare the required olive oil, which is currently on spices, and four kinds of cheese: Dor Blue, Parmesan, fontina and mozzarella.Also needed Italian spices, which include those necessary to have a bitter paprika, oregano and basil.The combination of herbs, spicy Dor Blue, Fontina fragrant, creamy mozzarella and Parmesan gives a stunning classic taste and smell.Talking about what kinds of pizza, and what are the most admired Italians, it should be noted it is a treat.Having tried it once, I fall in love with it forever.

dough should be thin, yeast.The recipe is simple: dilute milk sugar (3 teaspoons), yeast and leave the mixture in a warm place.Then you need to beat two eggs, salt mass, and add 4 tablespoons of oil (vegetable).After 20 minutes, mix the milk and egg mixture, add flour, stir well and leave in a warm place, after covering.

stuffing and cooking

After 40 minutes (this will be enough to make the dough rise) it should roll out and fill with olive oil.Top put cheese: Dor Blue with mozzarella and diced Fontina and Parmesan need to rub.15 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees - and spicy meal is ready.Enumerating, what are the pizzas, the names of the dishes, it should be noted that the name of this delicacy is fully consistent with the essence."Four Cheese" reflect, in fact, a recipe, however, is only adhering to each step, you can prepare a real culinary masterpiece.

Original recipes

question regarding of what pizza is, can be seen for a long time.Culinary variations can be very different - and dazzling.Take, for example sweet stuffing.What is this kind of pizza?Original, flavorful, delicious!This is a great dessert that will delight all guests.The dough can be anything - insipid, yeast, flaky, thin or thick.A beguiling and even more so is varied.The dough of the food you need to add sugar, salt is not needed here.For flavor add chopped almonds and lemon zest.By the way, come up and the first thing and another, so that you can combine.And instead of water better to take milk.The rest - all the same.But in the case of filling there are some peculiarities.Firstly, the substrate before spread from above ingredients necessary to bake.12 minutes is enough.Then top with rastёrty with sugar and chopped nuts cream cheese, pineapple, banana or some other fruit and put another 10 minutes.Above you can sprinkle with chocolate, but only a couple of minutes until cooked.As you can see, plenty of recipes, and the choice is limited only by the imagination and culinary preferences.