The age of conscription in Russia

Every year during spring or autumn conscription, along with a situation where young men who have reached conscription age, to take time off from the army, revealed another problem - the health status of those who should be in accordance with applicable law to go to the military service.

Today the conditions of military service is much more democratic than it was five or six years ago.Despite the fact that, thanks to modern technology with soldiers' shoulders are taken significant physical load on the ground and ships, regiments and battalions want to see a healthy and strong recruits.But, unfortunately, the draft boards do not observe a marked improvement of health of future soldiers.

medical commission noted that most of the diseases of recruits who are recognized as temporarily unfit or completely unfit for military service - a disease of the musculoskeletal system, is about 30% of cases.Far fewer young people who have reached military age, suffer from diseases of digestive or cardiovascular systems, as well as mental illness.

All of the above categories of diseases do not allow to be sent as an urgent and contract service to the young men, with health problems.Therefore the problem of replenishing the ranks of army recruits remains relevant, despite the increase in this year's funding of the army.

However, there is no reason to assume that a high percentage of young men unfit to serve in the army, is the reason for the change in its terms.This repeatedly led it representatives of the Ministry of Defense.This problem occurs, so must be solved by government bodies and public organizations by forming social priorities of a healthy way of life, of the military-patriotic education in universities and schools to improve the quality of medicine and so on. D. Activities for all the above today gainingTurnover, so in the near future there should be positive results.

bullying boys from childhood army, all the legal and illegal ways of helping them to avoid service, parents make a fatal mistake.When it is the age of conscription, it is not necessary to say that in these cases, the company receives a full Defenders of the Fatherland.Some of the "caring" parents even credited to her son any non-existent disease, others just do not treat the child found chronic diseases, delaying treatment until a blowjob until the age of conscription.They hope that the chronic disease at the time of their grown-up son, allow to avoid military service.Lead to tragic consequences and false, or by crook get help.After a while the young people are not just faced with the refusal of employment, especially if the cover of the army had mental illness.

loving parents should remember that the age of conscription in Russia exists for all, and their children should not shy away from military service and to take illegal actions to delay or even call for free from the army - it threatens criminal liability.By decision of the draft commission of such materials in respect of recruits sent to the investigating authorities under article "On Military Duty and Military Service."As evasion of military service considered the action of our fellow citizens of military age, who, without any reason in this period are not in the military enlistment office, intentionally inflict bodily injury on himself, used false documents and use other illegal methods, finding or without legalreasons to get rid of conscription.

Today, most countries in the world obliges individuals serve in the army, recently celebrated thirty years anniversary.In our country, we decided to increase the age of recruitment to 30 years.Such a proposal put forward the Head of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Vladimir Smirnov at a meeting of the Federation Council, which focused on the legal regulation of military duties in the territory of Russia.He proposed to consider the question of the postponement of the service while studying in higher educational institutions.Smirnov believes that the young man in the case of a call after the first or second course of the service does not lose nothing, since this practice has taken place in the past.Students in this case go to a sabbatical.