Law on Associations

Law on Associations was adopted in order to establish harmonious relations between different companies and organizations in the process of their interaction.Managers of such enterprises may decide on the merger or reorganization, and legislation serve to not violated their civil rights.And the citizens of the country, and foreign representatives can equally count on the support of the government and the establishment of justice.

Federal Law on Public Associations of the company covers all forms of ownership, which were formed on the joint request of the group of people.However, for each rule there is an exception.In this case, it applies to religious societies, as well as companies of a commercial character.Everyone can, guided by their own, free to go out and come in such associations, and nobody has the right to forbid him to do so.In addition, by a group of people who decided to create an association, does not require a special permit document, ie a license.The sufficient condition is considered to

be the preparation and execution of the statute and its strict compliance in the future.

Associations Act provides that the organization has the right to register with the state for the purpose of assigning the status of a legal entity.But at the same time it can operate freely without any special registration.This matter remains under consideration by the creators.Of course, legislation may occasionally be edited and modified, so the leaders of associations should monitor any innovations introduced into the existing law, as ignorance of legislation does not safeguard against liability.

So, should clarify the law on public associations reveals part of the terminology.In fact, the union - is a non-profit society whose members all have entered into a mutual desire and on a voluntary basis.Leaders in a society made by its participants, and the main task is to achieve the set goals based on common interests and desires.If the list of the founders of the organization there are legal entities and individuals, it is worth noting that they are right, that is, citizens can propose its own terms, based on the law, and nobody would not infringe.

When forming associations should carefully consider each item of its constituent document or charter.If you carefully read the Federal Law on Public Associations, it becomes clear that all the activities of the enterprise is based on strict compliance with the statute.Therefore, the goals and objectives of an organized group should be long-term and achievable, as subsequently for violation of at least one point of the constituent instrument provides for liability.A striking example of such associations can serve as a political party, for violations of the rules of which should be a certain penalty.

Associations Act includes the basic principles on which to base their activities:

  • legality;
  • equality;
  • and self-governance;
  • voluntary.

Indeed, it is quite loose grouping of persons on the basis of a common goal.They are at the sole discretion determine the legal form of existence, goals and objectives, management practices, and other forms of functioning.However, they are subject to one very important requirement: all the information about them should be open and accessible to every interested person.