Types of jurisdiction: territorial jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is a set of rules that determine the jurisdiction of the court system, for example, arbitration is the consideration of a case.

In this case, the jurisdiction is a narrower concept than that jurisdiction, because it allows you to distribute subordinate arbitrations between the different business units throughout the arbitration court system.

The following types of jurisdiction.Firstly, tribal jurisdiction, which differentiates between the different levels of the case to arbitration.As a general rule all subordinate certain arbitration disputes can be resolved arbitrations all subjects of the Russian Federation, except for disputes which relate to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Arbitration.

This court shall consider any case in which the contested legal acts, signed by the President, the Government, federal executive bodies, affecting the legitimate interests and rights of the applicants in the field of entrepreneurship and business economic activity.The Supreme Arbitration hears case

s challenging the normative legal acts of the President, the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Government, which affect the rights and interests of the applicant's business in the economic and business activities.In addition, the Court considers economic disputes between subjects of the Russian Federation.

term "territorial jurisdiction" defines the distribution of powers of arbitration relating to a single unit (territorial, regional and equated courts of subjects of the country).It may be common: in this case the actions are brought to arbitration, located at the defendant.This is the basic rule for the demarcation of jurisdiction of the courts located at the same level.

Alternative territorial jurisdiction allowing the plaintiff to choose arbitration, which will be sent to a lawsuit.For example, if the known place of residence or location of the defendant, the claim against him may be sent to arbitration, located at the location of his property or last place of its location.

exclusive territorial jurisdiction is characterized by the condition that it only considered well-defined code of the arbitral tribunal.In particular, claims on property are considered only by the courts located in the place where the property is located.When

jurisdiction Communications Minister the dispute is made in the judicial authority, which deals with a dispute related to a different matter, no matter what territory belongs to the disagreement.For example, a counterclaim shall present regardless of its jurisdiction at the place where the dispute is considered the original.

Negotiated territorial jurisdiction allows the parties to determine by agreement the place where the claim will be considered.However, such an agreement may be only in respect of alternative or general territorial jurisdiction.Exclusive jurisdiction of the parties can not change any agreements.

Alternative jurisdiction (choice of the claimant) is provided for certain civil cases, which can solve the various courts of the same level.Plaintiff entitled to choose what kind of arbitration will consider the case under the jurisdiction of several courts.

Non-liability case to arbitration, which is presented in the statement of claim, the base serves to restore the plaintiff's claim.If any jurisdiction after the commencement of production at the suit of the matter referred to arbitration, in whose jurisdiction it is.