Substantive and procedural law

Considering the substantive and procedural law in the first place specialists note a certain stability of these components discipline.Moreover, such a division is recognized in the academic, professional and practical and doctrinal level.The fact that there are substantive and procedural law, due to the practical orientation of the legal action itself to regulate relations arising.

This discipline requires these components in sufficient detail raznoaspektnogo, thorough and rational consideration.This is due mainly to the fact that both the block and cover in combination objectified rules of law.Along with this very controversial issue of how to interact, relate substantive and procedural law as a whole and in parts.It should be noted that the second term is treated as ambiguous.This is especially true in the context of the communication field of procedural law with the existing regulations in the field of legal procedural.As for the other block, in this area a lot of options to address the issue of the different areas that make up its structure.This is regarded as each sub-sector law and regulatory framework (legislation) in general.

According to some authors, there are issues that play a dominant role.Thus, in connection with developing the relationship between the law and the constitution, the priority position occupied by the problem of determining the procedural order.At the same time we have the establishment of the content and future statutes.Today in the Russian legal discipline (guided by the constitutional provisions) distinguished civil, criminal, administrative and constitutional rights division.In accordance with the presence of independent codified provisions allocated in the area of ​​discipline and arbitration.In special sources there are also indications of financial or labor law as a branch of law.This civil regulatory system is generally regarded as a trend that covers not only the scope of the same name.The civil procedural law service and other material legal sphere.

constitutional regulatory framework is considered as a legal formation.This unit is not divided into educational, doctrinal and normative components, which explains substantive and procedural law.

should be noted that one or another sphere of legal and regulatory control is expressed through one or more acts.At the same time these acts can not be clearly divided into procedural and substantive component.According to some authors, this situation is due to the sufficiency of the complex borders meaningful action of the Criminal, Arbitration, Civil Procedure Code, as well as existing practice of legal and technical nature.

the course of the discussion about the legal system, the issue concerning the allocation of branch components within the procedural direction was dedicated, separate consideration until the end of 20 - the beginning of the 21st century.Today in this very direction taken by some crushing.Earlier, during the formation of the doctrine, procedural rights are considered as a single system.He named it while judicial law.

With regard to the rules of substantive and procedural legal direction, then in the last century (in its second half), the importance of the relationship between them.In general, this question was to develop to a greater extent from the position of the regulatory legal systematics.