Which European nation is born riding a bike, or We are for healthy lifestyle!

Bike - a truly unique invention of mankind.Many countries are fighting for the palm to the question of what kind of nation, a country we owe the appearance of your two-wheeled friend.The advantages of this mode of transport over other more than obvious.It is available from a financial point of view.Biking cool strengthens our health is one of the most effective means of combating obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and many other ailments."Two-wheeled horse" is not afraid of traffic jams on it easily can be reached where any car will stand for hours.And the environment does not suffer!

country of tulips and great

So what European nation born riding a bike?The answer to this question is clearly not unique!Someone thinks that the Dutch.After all, they are recognized as the "bicycle", as it is best to understand the differences between the types of machines on the mountain sports, and in general, their roads and motorways are just perfect for this type of transport.According to the calculations of Statistics, per capita every fifth adult Dutchman accounts, on average, 2 copies of the "iron friend".And if you include and children?An impressive figure, is not it?

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second answer to the question, what European nation comes riding on a bicycle, will be as follows: the Danes!Why is that?So after their home country formally consider fishing rods and bicycles!This type of transport is used there everywhere and more presentable than cars.After all, it is environmentally friendly, which is essential for conscious Danes, very easy to use and is ideal in terms of preserving health.In short, a great vehicle, great alternative to public transport!

«Germany.The Winter's Tale »

We do not accidentally select a quotation from Heine to this paragraph.It also lies otgadka our puzzle about which European nation comes riding on a bicycle.Yes, imagine the Germans!Again soshlёmsya the statistics.They have over 80 million inhabitants account for approximately 68-69 million bicycles!The reasons for such passion for two-wheeled vehicle similar to those of which we spoke above: the absence of harm to the environment and the direct health benefits.Plus the lack of congestion, saving time and money on gasoline.As well as greater security, than in "communion" with the other transport.Why else reminded the Germans when it comes to what kind of European nation born riding a bike?The fact that there are the best conditions for cyclists.Only the length of the tracks more than 70 thousand kilometers - the largest in Europe!And those who are saddled "iron horse", enjoy the same rights as sitting behind the wheel of a car.

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However, riding a bike is born not only this or that nation old Europe.The Chinese and Japanese have created his "white brothers" as a serious competitor to the truth again is "somewhere nearby."So, dear readers, and you are transplanted from smelling gasoline salons and honking trains in comfortable saddles sports, mountain, urban and other types of bicycles, nature heals and becomes healthy yourself!

Good luck and easy way!