Deschis Software radiodifuzorului: configurare.

Many people who are just beginning to stream to "Twitchy" or other resources, while looking which program is best for them, often selected on the basis of the following criteria: simplicity, efficiency and, of course, cost.Under all of these criteria perfectly fits the utility Open Broadcaster Software.Setting up the program is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, but in fact all of its advantages, which provides such detailed setting, fully compensate for its complexity.

OBS and XSplit

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that when compared to the utility with XSplit, then in fact it is not so easy to learn.After all, if the latter practically does everything for us, when you use the OBS, you likely have or for a long time to understand the nuances of all sorts, or contact the Internet for search tips Open Broadcaster Software.Setting this utility is sometimes more complicated for the reason that their site periodically falls, so that the users completely lost access to it.In this regard, often it occurs such a situation that the forum of the site can not enter.

What are the benefits OBS?

First of all, considering the advantages of this tool, it is worth noting that, as a simple interface Open Broadcaster Software.Setting up the program is only because of the complexity of its detail, while the development of the main points is a very simple and straightforward.Of course, some fabulous beauty of this interface is different, but such things are much more important than convenience.

also can not say how a small amount of resource requests Open Broadcaster Software.Setting up a detailed tabulation of the various parameters allows for limiting access to streams and minimum consumability resources of the program.If properly install all the features, in this case, even the most demanding games will run and walk without any problems, but for beginners as detailed setting is, of course, a problem.Indeed, how to configure Open Broadcaster Software, yourself not everyone will understand, because here there is a large number of items, as well as the utility itself often can impose far better configuration for the user's computer.

What you need to know?

Downloading utility from the official website, you should carefully choose the version that is suitable for your particular operating system.Stream Software is available in two variations - x32 and x64, and a label in this case, can be created by default.If you mix up the bit depth, in this case, in the course of the Stream software you will be strong enough "laggy" or even will not work at all.To make it easier, it is best to simply remove the original label, which is irrelevant to you that in the future you do not accidentally launched the OBS, which can "laggy".

But these problems are not only due to the fact that people start invalid shortcuts, some still do not know how to configure Open Broadcaster Software.After all, in fact, when working with this tool is very important to pay attention to all details.

OBS or free XSplit?

Many people believe that because of the complexity it is not necessary to use the OBS, and can be simple to use, for example, free software for Stream XSplit.But in fact, not everyone understands that the free version of this utility is fundamentally different from the toll it very much curtailed, while the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is used perfectly and closes us access to any features.

Basically, the utility is a relatively new, and developers XSplit or today do not realize that they have a very, very serious competitor (which is unlikely), or they just continue to pay those people who are accustomed to this tool,after just a few years in this area reigned a total monopoly of the program, ie. a. no alternative to it was not.

Stream - it expensive

But in any case, no matter what kind of program you download, you just have to decide with how much you'll be brought to conduct the streams, because you somehow have to put here some fundson the development of both the computer and the Internet.If just for fun, it is quite suitable untitled Open Broadcaster Software, but if you want to secure the best performance and stability, you can try a premium version XSplit.

However, most users using OBS and have experience working with paid XSplit, say that almost no difference was observed.

Download the program

Of course, before you use the Open Broadcaster Software, we will need to download the software from the official site.While it will be downloaded and installed on your computer, you can go to the main page, select the approximate configuration of your computer, and then click on Recommend Settings.Initially, you can use just such a set of characteristics that during the tests is already possible to change by itself.

general settings

Once installed the program Open Broadcaster Software, you will need to go to the tab settings "General".For convenience, it is recommended initially to create a profile in order to have had the opportunity at any time to switch between several sets of settings.

worth noting that initially you are given the Open Broadcaster Software in Russian, but you are in the settings, if necessary, can change the language, if you do so it will be more convenient.Set the tray icon or turn off the program is not necessary if you have an extra monitor.The best way to maintain control over the procedure Stream, not to irritate viewers continuous switching between windows.Showing the cursor should be disconnected without fail, if you're going to show some film or video, but in the case of preferential most games it is quite possible to leave, and sometimes even necessary - for more informative.


where most controversial feature is the CBR, which maintains a constant bit rate.This option makes the user throughout the downloaded Stream broadcasting at a certain speed, which ranges from 2000 to 5000 kbit / s, which is not optimal, in some cases, but in fact recently the installation of this option is a mandatory requirement on Twitch.Open Broadcaster Software provides you with the opportunity not only to meet this requirement, but also to do it automatically.

The only thing is the lack of such a constant bit rate is the inaccessibility of your Stream for those people who are using the unstable connection (for example, 3G-modem), or have a limited bandwidth.

quality set at 6-8.It is not necessary to celebrate immediately put the value of 10, because visually you hardly see any difference, but for users who will view it may appear all sorts of lags.The maximum bit rate is recommended to install at approximately 2500-3500.Firstly, services strimingovye higher values ​​are not very willing to accept from "lost" packets, and secondly, using a bit rate of 3500 is required only if the image is in a format Full-HD.Also of note is the fact that the importance of limiting the bit rate should be equal to the size of the buffer, so do not even set a label near the item "Other size of the buffer."

In the "Audio" choose the codec "AAC" and "Bitrate 128".


There are two modes available - a local recording and live broadcast.Local recording provides a great opportunity to fully evaluate the quality of their own future Stream before use Open Broadcaster Software televised live, in the future you will not be bothered by the audience.It is recommended to use this function before the start of the Stream, and in particular this applies to those situations, if you are going to hang a picture on top of all sorts of images and other extraneous elements.Now you need to specify the path where to save your test video, and set a shortcut key, after pressing which will start broadcasting in the OBS.Among other things, this option can be used as a viable alternative to all sorts of programs like Fraps.

Once you are done with the selection of optimal settings, you have to put back the live broadcast.The latest versions of utility provides a sufficiently large number of a wide variety of services through which you can conduct its broadcast, but were and are optimal, of course, Twitch and Cybergame.The first is the most common by far the portal of this type, and the second aimed at a Russian audience.It is worth noting that both the service unobtrusive at the moment in terms of monetization, and are fully dedicated to the game category.

Which server to choose?

for "Twitchy" you should choose London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.Quite often there are situations when one of the servers is overloaded, constantly "lag", and for this reason, just does not get us all the packages.In this case it is necessary to select a different server.If we consider Cybergame, there are no special options - a paid or free server.

To you has been given its own Play Path / Stream Key, you will need to register on one of the channels, then create your own channel.Sami services are very understandable and accessible.In profile, you will be given an individual key for the channel you will need to enter in this field.


This section will need to choose your own card, as well as the resolution that you think best.In this case, you can simply select the monitor program to use the selected resolution.Scaling is recommended to set at 1280x720, since HD is more than optimal for broadcast video or various games.For Full HD already require more fine-tuning of the program, as will need to find an optimum balance between the bit rate used, as well as the host computer's capabilities and the ability to choose your service.

filter is best to leave the bilinear as other options practically do not give a visual, in addition to the excess load.To set the value of the frames per second, you should think about what parameters you evaluator OBS offered on the official website.In the overwhelming majority of cases it is quite enough to set the number of frames per second at a value of 30. It is worth noting that most notably established FPS is responsible for how much the program will give the load on your computer, and if you notice any slowdown in the PCStream time, first of all, you should reduce this particular option, but below 25 FPS installed definitely not worth it.