Phytodesigners - cine este?

Phytodesign in the last decade has gained a lot of popularity.And not without reason.For any grand event people are trying to decorate the room compositions of flowers.And without the services of masters in this difficult matter is indispensable.

Townsfolk sometimes it seems that what has been phytodesigners, quickly and easily.Sit yourself in the comfort and warmth and create beautiful flower arrangements.But anyone who is even slightly familiar with the profession will tell you that this is not an easy thing.So, in order.

little history

Fitodizay - not as a new profession, as it might seem at first glance.Even in ancient Egypt hired special people to know that the room was decorated with flowers for the holidays.

Apart from the usual flowers and twigs in the decoration used skillfully woven garlands.And I must say that for a long time to create masterpieces kept fresh new look thanks to the correct handling of flowers.

During the reign of Catherine the Great and there phytodesigners.But when they had called in a simple way - the gardeners.But if you look at the pictures created in those days, one can understand that the people who take care of her Majesty's gardens were not just gardeners, and created a fashion Now fitodizayn.

phytodesigners - who is

To answer this question, it is sufficient to know that the word "phytodesigners" consists of two components.

  1. Phyto - from the Latin word "plant".
  2. Design - designing, creating an artistic image.

turns answering a question about phytodesigners - who it is, it becomes clear that a person is engaged in designing, creating beauty with the help of plants.

Fitodizayn firmly entrenched in modern life and the people who own the subtleties of working with plants are rarely without work.Phytodesigners in Moscow and other large cities are literally selling like hot cakes.In small towns, of course, it is not so fashionable to use their services, but the people of this profession are finding themselves in flower shops.And the wedding has not been canceled.

Job phytodesigners

phytodesigners What does and what his immediate responsibilities?

To say briefly, the man of the profession is a harmonious composition of living plants.

Due to the fact that the work associated with the plants and everything associated with them, a man who wants to deal with the case, should know the biology, chemistry and fundamentals of agronomy.

seems that the profession phytodesigners requires only the presence of artistic taste.But it is not.

necessary knowledge to phytodesigners

person should deal in plants, namely:

  • Know the names of plants.
  • Origin colors.
  • the compatibility of various plants in the composition.
  • Know techniques keep the color for a longer period.Terms
  • care for a longer bloom and freshness.
  • Types and methods of fertilizer.
  • Rules breeding colors.
  • breeding-Basics.
  • styles and ways of processing facilities.

Therefore, if you have finished faculty of biology, it is possible to take special courses on artistic design, and you're the expert.

Where to apply phyto

It is clear that the design is suitable for almost anything, and why we need phytodesigners?Who is this, if the gardener takes care of the garden and the decoration has been a landscaper?


without color, every house seems devoid of life and boring.If the apartment is right to place houseplants, the room is transformed immediately.But not all flowers are allowed to use, for example, in the nursery or bedroom.Besides the proximity of two opposite plants can adversely affect each of them.

Come to the aid fitodzayner.He correctly select the desired plants will have a harmonious composition.And prevent unwanted plants in the nursery.And the aesthetic side of things you can and do not worry.


It is fashionable to arrange a room of psychological relief in the office.To relieve stress, it can be very useful, fit flowers.Properly designed fitodizayn help employees relax and get away from hard work.A well-built composition in the office to reduce stress, and absorb the unnecessary radiation.

solemn event

This is where phytodesigners may roam.What makes phytodesigners, when invited, for example, to the wedding?

His responsibilities include decoration of the hall for the celebration.And it must take into account not only the style of the wedding, but also to make sure that the flowers looked fresh cut throughout the celebration.

Very stylish cars decorate with fresh flowers.This will also help phytodesigners.They will not give the composition scatter from the blow of the wind, and all the conditions of style and freshness preservation will be observed.

Pros and cons of the profession

phytodesigners - who is it?The man, whose work is always closely connected only with the beauty and without drawbacks.Or is there in this profession minuses.


  • constant sense of celebration.
  • atmosphere of comfort and warmth.
  • Working with natural materials.
  • possibility of creative expression.
  • possibility of earning decent.


have to put up with bad skin and a lack of hands manicure.After all, work is connected with the land, chemicals and flowers with sharp spines.And to work with gloves quite uncomfortable.

phytodesigners spends much time on their feet, creating their floral masterpieces.

work often takes place during the holidays.And since all the celebrations carried out, usually in the weekend, and these days phytodesigners tense.

But in spite of everything, floristry becoming increasingly popular.