Mushroom mullein where found and how is it unique?

Great and original Russian.This is particularly well known to mushroom pickers.Even the most experienced of them do not always know what the fungus mullein.

A clue to this mystery from simple.This is the second (or ten) the name of the white fungus!And if you've forgotten what great qualities he is known, we will tell you more about that.

accepted that it is distributed only in our country.This error, as today it is found on every continent except Australia only.Until recently, the fungus mullein was unknown aborigines of South America, but even there his arguments were put together with poorly treated wood.

Italians particularly appreciate it as a list of all the sneaky, incredibly tasty sauces and spices, as part of which involved "the king mushroom" (that's another name) may take more than one page.

What caused such popularity?For a long time it was believed that all the matter in the incredible nutritional value, which supposedly has the fungus mullein.It turned out that part of the nutrient

content of the same aspen his much superior.So what's the deal?

Researchers found that this fungus has an amazing ability to stimulate the appetite and the secretion of digestive juices.

In this capacity he greatly surpasses even the broth, which gives grounds to recommend to the white fungus as an ideal food for people undergoing stress, anorexic and convalescent after a long illness.

ubiquitous, the Japanese have found that the same broth and did a magic almost capacity for the removal of radionuclides from the human body.In particular, it is an extract from the white mushroom and he in different types of cravings, saved the lives of thousands of liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster.

However, our ancestors were so wonderful about its properties was suspected for a long time.Do I need to explain why the fungus mullein worldwide enjoys stable and growing demand?

But there is in all this splendor, and another couple of "spoon of tar."Unfortunately, with all that potential that we could realize the doctors, getting them into the hands of a sufficient quantity of raw materials, the king of the mushroom kingdom extremely unprofitable when grown in nurseries: expensive, slow, and besides, the whole colony may die out if conditionswill not quite perfect.

Thus, mullein - fungus free, but because of its workpiece and to this day has been very materially populations concerned countries in which it grows.

In addition, there is another negative side.It is known that mushrooms on the whole have excellent ability to cumulation (ie accumulation) of toxic substances from the environment.Unfortunately, the fungus mullein, which has a photo in an article on this ability is inferior only svinushki.

Figuratively speaking, it can be compared to a sponge that will absorb readily heavy metals and toxins.If you saw "white" around the busy highway, you can not take it in any case!The consequences of receiving mushroom roast it may be no better than if you ate a mushroom.