How do online subscription?

Very often on that site you can see a field to enter information, which is called the "subscription form".Resource managers strongly urge users to enter their data (including e-mail), and then on a form specified in the mailbox begin to come various letters with information about these or other materials, promotions, news of this resource.Ever notice that?

All of this - a form of work with website visitors and participants in various online communities.It presupposes the existence of a "response" in the form of collecting database of people who come to your site, as well as the ability to send to those who left the address, information about your site.

If you have your own life, and you want to know how to make the site a subscription - this article will be useful to you.In it we cover the basics of creating subscriptions, newsletters, What is it and why is used.

What is subscription and distribution?

Let's start with definitions.Subscription - is a voluntary consent of the user to receive thei

r letters on behalf of the informational resource.In these letters (and send them by e-mail) site administration, as already noted, may publish news portal, any action (if it comes to the online store), information on competition (such as those carried out on the blog).By subscribing, the man leaves his address and, in fact, gives a sign that he is ready to read the letter sent to him from a particular site.Organized by the special subscription form.It is placed in a prominent place Internet pages;this form can have a different appearance, but its essence is always the same - to collect e-mail and send it to the server.Sometimes a subscription newsletter for the site also contains a "Name" field.

Newsletter - a form of alert users via e-mail, which is expressed in mass mailing of letters.As has been said, it may be news, events, trends and so on.Distribution is carried out in order to, firstly, to inform users about anything, and secondly - to attract their attention as this or that event, and the resource as a whole, reminding of its existence.

fact Newsletter subscription follows: on the collected using a form e-mail address site administrator (using special tools) makes a newsletter with information on its website.And working subscription to the news site.

Why do it?

Subscription is an effective marketing tool that can increase the popularity of the site and attract new users to it.With it, you can "collect" the attention of those who have signed up previously, as well as to increase the audience through new visitors, just by publishing interesting materials.

Another form of subscription to the site to create a core of loyal, regular customers who are interested in your upgrade is guaranteed.With the help of such people can be, for example, to arrange the sale of its information products or even real goods delivered by mail.Examples of successful business built entirely on subscriptions and mass mailings conducted among regular visitors, among a lot of western and among Russian bloggers and webmasters.Monetization list of subscribed users is limited only by your imagination.

methods of organization newsletter

If you already have your own life, and you are interested in the opportunity to create your own contact database of loyal users, then you will certainly be interested in and how to make the site subscription.We talk about possible methods of its creation and methods of application.

So, if we talk about the collection of e-mail addresses, then you essentially have two choices - to create its own and use someone else's site for subscriptions.The first option is, of course, more complex in terms of implementation, it gives more opportunities on the visual settings subscription form.The second can be configured to work in a few minutes after the launch site.This is done quickly and easily.However, as a rule, resources providing such services to make restrictions on the issue of the appearance of the form to subscribe.

Scheme of subscription form

begin with a description of how to make the site a subscription with your hands.It is a bit difficult for beginners.In addition, your host must support the work of PHP-scripts.

scheme of such a subscription is very simple: in the page of the site is inserted into HTML-form for collecting information, which transmits data to the script.That, in turn, fulfills the condition that the recording ends with the user's address to a text file or sending it to another data service (depending on the wishes of the administrator).The most difficult in this bundle can be called a work of PHP-script as HTML-form is very simple, but at the script may have some problems, for example, incorrectly set encoding.If you do not own the basic programming skills, we recommend to ask someone to help with this issue.

However, the advantage of working with its own form is the fact that, once configured it, you can forget about it and just collect user data automatically.

are looking for services for the subscription

Services that are engaged in the provision of services on the composition of the user base via subscriptions and sending the collected addresses are well known, so look for them is not necessary.It SmartResponder and GoogleFeedBurner.There are small projects that teach how to make a subscription online, but to use them or not - it is up to you, their activities can be called minor.

Those projects that are mentioned above, are engaged in the following: the first allows you to properly maintain a list of email addresses of users and send messages to them at regular intervals (extra charge).The second has a slightly different focus: with it you will be able to collect the necessary addresses, but they will be able to send a notice with the news from your blog.Thus, the first service - rather, it is an advertising tool, while the second - the ability to "feed" subscribers fresh content.

Create a subscription form with their hands

In fact, it is much more useful and interesting to develop its own mechanism for processing data received from users.To describe the process step by step, then it looks so:

  • Step 1 .Create a PHP-script processing the data (name and address of the user mail) and place it in the root of your site.If you do not know the language - it is recommended to apply to the freelancer, you sketched a solution for a nominal fee.
  • Step 2 .It is necessary to integrate the script with HTML-page.This is simple: you need from a basic knowledge of HTML markup and a little diligence.In order to get it, it is necessary to create a form (tag form), arrange it visually (CSS to help) and connect with the script: sending data register (post) to your PHP-file.
  • Step 3 .It includes configuration script data.It is necessary, in addition to the code to register the information about the order in which the file will be sent to the information received.In fact, the script is ready for a site subscription.Make it real for a couple of hours for a beginner, and for half an hour (and faster) - in that case, if you have a similar experience.

Newsletter on the basis

Then once you decide what to do with the received mail address.You can use them to publish updates on the website, you as the address for sending marketing offers.Do not forget that a user subscription - access to the site, which he may have already forgotten.Do not spam links to the resource visitors - otherwise they just ENTERED you in the "black list" of mail!

How to create a mailing

Regarding how to make delivery, we would like to give the following advice.First, publish only the most interesting and useful material.Second, regularly spend some interactive activities (events, competitions), with which to entice new users.Third, do not forget to create the instructions on how to disable a subscription to the site.Allow your customers to unsubscribe from your updates, and not to impose.