Guidelines - what are they for?

to lessons and extra-curricular activities in schools conducted at the proper level, every teacher enjoys special benefits, which are called "Guidelines".At the beginning of training manuals for teachers of any subject is the article, which sets out uniform requirements to the educational process, are the main types of both current and verification activities, negotiated general requirements intended to maintain and notebooks.

Guidelines provide detailed instructions for the conduct of student notebooks, specify the procedure of checking the teacher written works.Immediately specify criteria of ratings teacher, rule entries in the class register.

Further guidelines contain more specific material relating directly to conduct classes.Based on the document - the curriculum - in the introductory article provides a number of lessons set aside for a particular topic of the subject, given the approximate planning theme painted by the job.

contains recommendations and exemplary homework.And many even give

detailed plans for some or all of the lessons.It is definitely gorgeous help for the teacher, especially one that is in its infancy and still today holds only their first lessons.

However, no one would insist that the guidelines - is unshakable authoritative document derogation from Article which such crimes.Even the process of teaching, as well as extracurricular education, there is a creative process, constantly changing and evolving.

Even one and the same lesson in different parallel classes talented teacher will not carry out the same way.He will make an individual lesson plan for each class, given his training, the level of students' abilities.

One team, for example, children can work fine individually, perseverance and diligence.But a variety of quizzes and improvisation are confused guys they lost, their performance deteriorates.

other class, on the other hand, hates routine and consistency.In this team each time the teacher has to find new forms of lessons to inspire schoolchildren to grab their attention, get to participate in a lesson absolutely all children.

Lovely effect gives a method such as the appointment of a teacher of one of the students.Fun?Yes!Interesting?Of course!And, most importantly, the need to find errors in the responses and the works of others, exhibiting a fair assessment of knowledge comrades help "teachers" afterwards easily find errors at, evaluate and his work, which is far from being insignificant as it may seem at first glance.

Many guidelines also contain examples of individual tasks.Again, should notify the novice teacher, they are designed taking into account the capacity of the average student.Perhaps a closer acquaintance with the students, a talented teacher for each child develop absolutely individual tasks, which will correspond exactly to its level of preparation and intellectual capacities.

So use guidelines teacher in preparation for lessons to be exactly like the recommendations, the foundation on which to build "a building lesson" with its unique "architecture", with their personal touch.

No wonder they say that the teacher - this scientist and psychologist, and actor, and writer, and sometimes even a magician.And the learning process - it is constantly flowing forward the rough river.Technical progress leaves its mark on him.And if the kids lips curve in the phrase "work at home write in their notebooks," it may be wise "to go at them on occasion" and slightly modified the job ?."Today you will forward me on the Internet an article for our site.Subjects such - describe the most fun event in your life.I post the article, site users assess their winners are marked on the main and evaluation I logged. "

course, manual for teachers drafters probably this homework is not recommended.But sometimes, taking into account the psychology of the students can be made to generally accepted recommendations of teachers and their own adjustments.