The temperature of Cyprus by month

Loved by many Mediterranean resort - the island of Cyprus - is famous for excellent beaches, sunny weather and dry, hot climate.In summer, the air is heated so that the temperature in Cyprus is crossing the mark of 35 ° C.That's why not all tourists love beach holidays in the midst of the warm season.

On the island of all seasons are good for relaxation.Off-season lasts very long, runs from December to early March, but it is difficult to call this winter.It is often accompanied by rain, an exceptional rarity here considered snowfalls.The rest of the beaches on the popular resort of clear skies and hot sun.To find out what the water temperature in Cyprus is now enough to take advantage of the brief information set out below.All values ​​- this is the average parameters for a month.It should be noted that in different parts of the island there are slight variations in average daytime and nighttime temperatures.

temperature in Cyprus (water and air) by month:

  1. January - the middle of winter.At nig
    ht +5 ... 8 ° C, in the afternoon relatively warm - about 15 ° C.Sea manages this time to cool to 16 ° C.In such weather, local do not bathe, but the tourists are happy to dive, though not in the sea, and in the heated pool!
  2. February - it is the beginning of spring.Temperature in Cyprus this month begins to rise and may reach + 20 ° C.Sea water is not warming up and remains at around 16 degrees.
  3. In March, the weather pleases the earliest tourists.Amazing luxuriant bloom, the warm rays of the sun and the air temperature in the region of 25 degrees can not fail to delight guests who decide to spend their holidays in Cyprus.The water is getting warmer, but only slightly, warming up to + 18 ° C.
  4. In April, begins the real swimming season, despite the cool sea.Day in the summer heat: from +22 to +26 ° C.Rains there is little, all the beaches are filled with sunbathing tourists, the most impatient already hard swim as the water is around + 20 ° C.
  5. May - the ideal time for those who do not tolerate heat.The sea is already warm enough - +22 ... + 23 ° C.Night temperature is not yet perfect for long strolls, because at that time just 16.However, the day is very comfortable to walk, as the thermometer steadily +25 ... + 27 ° C.
  6. In June begins the real heat.Day temperatures 30 in Cyprus, there is no rain, the clouds are not observed, little vegetation loses its former beauty from the scorching sun.But the sea pleases: the water warms up to + 26 ° C.
  7. In July, the summer heat is at its peak.The sea is very warm (30), it is no longer refreshes the air is warm during the day and +35 ... + 38 ° C.Due to the dry climate such heat is more or less easily tolerated by adults, but for children it is better not to appear in the sun at this time.
  8. August is almost the same of July.The same heat during the day but cooler at night.
  9. In September begins velvet season.Sea and air equally warm - +26 ... +27 ° C.
  10. October is almost the same as in September, with the only difference that there may be occasional rain, and the evening gets a little colder.
  11. Daytime temperatures in Cyprus in November, rising to + 25 ° C, the water in the sea is also +20 ... + 23 ° C.This is ideal for travelers who do not like the summer scorching sun, and escape from the heat for air conditioning in the hotel room.
  12. December already much colder.Day 18 all night five, if not close to zero.Sea consistently 16 degrees.