Energy efficient technologies

last time in our country about three hundred companies engaged in manufacturing of energy-efficient lighting.We have to admit that there is still a lot of low quality equipment out to the stores, real hard that inhibits the formation of such areas as energy-efficient technologies.However, the case in the implementation of energy-saving devices is rapidly changing in favor of LED equipment.It is associated with the preeminent LEDs when compared with other types of lamps.
main thing is definitely operating properties:
svetootdayuschaya good returns, with very low power consumption - in a segment of the LED lighting products have on this characteristic no rivals;
quiet "flicker-free" illumination - in these lamps is almost no flow pulsations of light.It is unusual in the theme for the rooms, which are always people;
instant light when switching - on the full impact of light LED lights when the fill for the moment when the other fixtures need more time to "warm up";
ability to control - energy-saving ligh

ting allows for fine adjustment of the light flux to the same effect is achieved 2 - probability of creating a comfort zone in the room and reduce energy consumption;
high capacity for work - the benefits of LEDs, since they represent a fairly long period of continuous light (where the 30 000 - 50 000 h.), And have no restrictions on the cycle of "on-off".
In addition, an important item on the use of energy-efficient lighting in favor of its environmental friendliness.Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps do not incorporate harmful components that environmentally friendly both during production and during processing fixtures after use.
all these benefits simplify the range of illuminative lowering energy consumption.An open question remains the price of the equipment.As long as the price of this type of lamps are kept at a high level - from 1000 to 5000 rubles.For lamp illumination equivalent of three incandescent lamps (with a total cost of about 125 rubles.) And even today it is possible to make a joyful outlook - with the capacity of factory capacity, and even expanding the market prices become less.