Indicators humidity.

If the average person the absolute humidity in the home has a comparative value, and only affects the comfort of indoor climate and the relative perception of the weather on the street, at the professional level, many human activities require regular monitoring and even control of this parameter.

the air around us is a natural cocktail, which contains the full range of components needed for the life of all living things on Earth.Water vapor has the status of a necessary component in the recipe of life-supporting, written by nature.Fluctuations in the concentration of moisture in the environment occur at quite acceptable for the life of organisms within.

But at a certain point is the amount of water (vapor) in the air, can provoke a variety of physical, biological and chemical processes.In such cases, the absolute humidity becomes crucial, requiring constant monitoring and search of ways of its regulation.In undertaking the study focused concentration of water vapor in the air, let us define the mos

t important measuring value determined by the amount of moisture in the dissolved gas.

Most sources give a scientific explanation that the absolute humidity - is the amount of water (steam), dissolved in a certain volume of air.SI units measure this quantity in grams per cubic meter.The standard GHS absolute humidity measured in grams per cubic centimeter.In the context of the earth's atmosphere, the range varies from index of 0.1-1.0 g / m3, latched over the continents in winter, in the polar regions, and up to 30 g / m3 (or even higher) for the equatorial zone.

study of the behavior of water (steam), dissolved in the gas, has revealed a number of interesting patterns.By creating a certain pressure of water vapor brings about changes in barometric air pressure.But the pressure of water vapor, and this directly affects the index of the absolute humidity rises up to a certain limit, which depends only on the temperature.This value is also called saturation pressure.

reaching saturation point, does not change the absolute humidity.Table depending accurately captures how at some point the amount of moisture in the air can not rise and it falls in the form of excess condensate physics experiments or dew, fog, rain in nature.

We clearly see that neither the ambient pressure or the presence of other gases in the air does not affect the pressure variation of water vapor.Condensation can lead to cooling of the saturated warm air.Physicists temperature that accompanies this phenomenon, called temperature saturation point.Indicate it is usually in degrees Celsius.

Using the point of saturation, are water vapor pressure for moist air.In other words, the saturation point defines the moment when the absolute humidity reaches extreme proportions.The use of different dimensions does not change their testimony relations with each other.

Despite the most comprehensive assessment of the amount of moisture in the air, in most cases, are not absolute, and relative humidity.To determine this value take the ratio of the absolute humidity to the maximum possible amount of moisture that may be contained in the air for a particular temperature.Measure the relative humidity in percent.

It is from the relative humidity depends on the rate of evaporation of moisture from the flooring, wooden furniture or human skin.An increased amount of moisture content can affect the safety of certain substances in the warehouses.In the reports it appears Hydrometcenter relative humidity.