Duckling syndrome.

Sometimes we meet people who are like a tank at the barricades.They vehemently defend their position.Certainly, plus someone who has a personal opinion: it testifies to the intellectual development and education.But listen to what others say, will not be superfluous.After all, truth is born in debate.Only by analyzing and comparing the facts can come to the right decision.


Psychologists make an unmistakable conclusion from the above individuals can be diagnosed duckling syndrome."What it is?"- You ask.To explain this feature of the human psyche can be the example of a normal situation.People suffering from such a disorder, in every area of ​​the leading isolated, in their opinion, product, service, opinion, judgment, withdrawal, and so on.This is usually the object to which they are first encountered in the field.

Consider a situation where a girl becoming a wife and mistress of the house, went to the store for utensils for your love nest.Do not hesitate, she bought ceramic cups and plate

s, because these were at her mother or grandmother.A similar dishes she ate for the first time, so do not even perceive the possibility to buy something else.First, it fundamentally does not want to do that.Secondly, the woman sure one hundred percent that the choice of ceramics - the only correct and indisputable.In short, the duckling syndrome - a psychological phenomenon when people learn something new, it may get stuck on it until his death.

Why duck?

To be very honest, the syndrome should be referred to a goose.In honor of ducks called due to an error in translation from German into English.By the way, it is not surprising that this disorder was the homeland of Germany only pure Aryans so principled, accurate, steadily, pedantic and conservative.And this common trait can be traced all the representatives of this race.

disorders name comes from an interesting zoological phenomenon.Duckling syndrome in the environment found an Australian scientist Konrad Lorenz, who wrote more than one book on the ethology - the science that studies the behavior of animals.So, he opened a terrific property newborn goslings they perceive for any mother who first caught the eye of his birth.That is hatched from the eggs and saw a moving object, whether it is an ostrich, cow or a wind-up toy, they implicitly start to repeat his behavior and actions.For this reason, often a deep affection for the people of geese, dogs, cats or other pets.


duckling syndrome ... What is it?Psychologists say that the disease can not be called the above phenomenon.They are inclined to believe that, rather, it is one kind of wrong thinking when setting the subconscious slipping and dictate the individual or that strategy.The causes can be multiple.And most importantly - a conservative upbringing.Often, children who grow up in families with strict rules, try to rebel against the established traditions.After leaving his parents' house, they fundamentally alter the hitherto hated life and try for maximum taste all the joys of existence.

But there are some children with weak mentality: parents are so crushed by their personal desires, that they are already just do not know what they want and how to do it.Therefore, unknowingly duplicate the actions of mother and father."They always had breakfast oatmeal?Oh yeah, nothing better and you can not come up for a morning meal.Yogurt, toast with tea?No, no, are you? "- So some people speculate, earned duckling syndrome.Also, the reason for its occurrence can be experienced by stress, trauma, or emotional upsets.In any case, this disorder is not innate, and always acquired.

How to get rid?

If carefully over themselves to work with the syndrome can be overcome.The incentive could be the second half, loving you with all my heart, but do not plan to live solely by your rules.Such relationships smack tyranny.Yes, and friends can turn around if you ever dictate your opinion, considering only the correct and appropriate.Therefore, to while away the old age alone, consider: Why do you think so and not otherwise?Read the article on this topic, check the conclusions professionals, ask what they think of people close to the matter.Only by comparing the existing version, you can choose the best option.

People with duckling syndrome, sometimes referred to as "victims of advertising."And this is true.Seeing the movie, praising certain clothing brand, they can get stuck on the manufacturer, they forget about the existence of its competitors.We all want to try that show on TV, but it has also other items.Do not be programmed robot.Overpower yourself and pereprobuyte all counterparts: only then can focus on what you like more.But even with a favorite product, it still from time to time, psychologists advise to change.For a change.

Ugly Duckling If

These two phenomena are often confused, but they are fundamentally different from each other.Ugly duckling syndrome is the alienation of the individual from society: family, friends and acquaintances.Developing usually deep in my childhood, it makes the baby alien, the outsider.The reasons may be very different: an unusual appearance, extraordinary thinking, lack of material goods.Often ugly ducklings turning juveniles raised in dysfunctional families.In addition, the permanent employment of parents or their indifference, the inability to find an approach to the heir, the reluctance to talk to him heart to heart, and thus get rid of complexes, making this an outcast child.

These children actually adrift.Well, if an adult, people will be able to accept its shortcomings as a manifestation of their own individuality.And if not?In this case, he will continue to eke out a lonely existence.Exclusion from society individuals often can not do without the support of a therapist.

Tips for parents

One Eastern sage said, "I was angry that I had no shoes until I met a man with no legs."This sentence should be a postulate for each individual.Usually children do not see themselves as such all because of the appearance.If this is not serious flaw amenable adjustment, for example, obesity, tell your child that you will help him to correct a defect.Sit down together and work out a diet: in any case, do not leave the child alone with the problem, do all the best to you to solve it.

Syndrome duckling, ugly and abandoned by all, can occur when the baby is born disabled or lags behind in development.Peers are cruel and often tease him, so it's best to write offspring in a specialized school.Keep it, saying that it is for you, despite the problems, the best and favorite.Actions and demonstrate this behavior.Emphasizes the dignity of the child: perhaps he draws or sings beautifully.Develop these skills, improve talent.Realizing that he has some gift, baby will no longer be closed, will be able to find friends and socialize on their own.


We all remember the great tale of Andersen socially excluded duckling.But we forget that it ended happy ending: awkward feathered creation turned into a beautiful swan.Accent your attention on this episode of history.But remember that such a transformation has occurred and you need to show at least minimal efforts.

duckling syndrome in humans, or plain ugly, is due to lack of attention.A person deprived of support close circle of people he often imposes itself nonexistent complexes and psychological problems.If you notice that also amenable to the adverse effects, find yourself an exciting experience.A new hobby will return you to life, take leisure: time for sad thoughts and mental anguish almost does not remain.If you own to overcome the problem is not possible, seek specialized help.An experienced doctor will give good advice and will save you from a mental disorder, which is easy enough to say goodbye.