Dmitry Bykov - Writer, literary critic, social activist.

Dmitry Bykov is actively interested in - it is the brightest member of the literary and political processes.Writer unsuccessfully seeks to fill a whole media space (A.Troitsky) as a person is bright and multi-format (writer, literary critic, social activist).
However, in the context of the seriousness of the events, in anticipation of changes in the direction of economic and political system in Russia, it is interesting to understand how to scale the process identity, personifying it.

Dmitry Bykov - master verbose graphomania, spectacular and biting phrases in this craft he has no equal in literary circles.The literary public, is possible without the wishes of the author, recently erected on the throne of the Chief of the Russian writer of our time.Undoubtedly, it is possible to quote pages.However, the ability to put words into beautiful combinations - a necessary but insufficient condition for a writer.The present writer - visionary ideas conductor, often by itself unconscious.DB
Ideasoften laughable, banal and empty, although being expressed with his usual flair graphomaniac at first glance may seem interesting and nontrivial, characterize the author as a deep thinker, the largest Analyst Russian literary and political history.However, an attempt to critical thinking inevitably turns any thought into it what it really is - set in beautiful, but meaningless phrases, the relevance of which is very short-lived.I do not be surprised if many of their assessments of the author is now embarrassing to remember what he certainly would never admit, hoping for the fragility of the memory of our readers.
Here is a set of abstracts, with varying degrees of activity promoted by Bykov:
- cyclical Russian history.For thaw followed by freezing and so century after century;
- liberals - as the main haters of Russia.In the mind of the writer bulwark of liberal state it is known that the apparent surprise when drawn to the unconventional author estimates;
- the dictatorship of the liberal discourse in the "dashing 90", the inability to promote alternative ideas.At the same time liberal principles, political correctness, etc., are available to perform the opponents of freedom and democracy, liberalism leaders themselves do not consider themselves bound to follow their own ideals, noble ideas implemented frees them from of any moral constraints.
Home, program book Bykov - "Train", entirely designed to sanctify the power of artistic expression, this set of concepts.
I'm sure the author prefers not to remember today its landmark creation.The coup in the public mind is not made, the ideological product of helplessness is so obvious that he did not become a subject of discussion.What Voinovich issue as a joke (bald and hairy alternation in power), the Bulls offers as a basis for a global generalization of Russian history.Stalin's terror, Nicholas stagnation and the reign of Anna Ivanovna presented his uniform events.
brutality and unscrupulousness of liberal leaders, dictators and fanatics, potential maniacs and murderers, miraculously coincides with work to actively promote the power of mythology "dashing 90" and the global anti-Russian conspiracy of Western democracies.It is not surprising is very tough assessment of Bykov's first serious and popular anti-Putin text "Tales of a Kremlin Digger" He crushed to smithereens, the author accused of love for "dashing 90 th", which certainly was at the time a sin unforgiving, and a lot more innothing.
executioners Liberals did not materialize out of the consciousness of the author, unprincipled Tregubova after not attempt phantom received political asylum, the author actively protesting restorers.What is the cycle of Russian history repeated rallies in Moscow?Does the Bulls themselves conductor disgusting liberal idea, demanding fair elections and the change of power?Answer No, the claim for the title of outstanding thinker but not disappeared.
Surprisingly, the rejection of the public recognition of his errors coincides with the position Bykov idol Limonov.Plenty ottoptavshis prntsipe device on the Western democracies and Stalin declared progressives, Savenko wonderfully loved human rights, independence of the judiciary and other hateful liberal freedoms after the first prison sentence for unknown reasons.First promoted the concept of forgotten, but not convicted.
continue to dismantle the ideological range.
relevance and necessity of coming to power of nationalists such as Kvachkova.D.B.s special interest observed at the ideological and organizational ferment in this environment, and, as usual, all in vain.Interestingly, being one of the organizers of the protest activity, whether he remembers of his inspirer figures?He sees whether the column with the face Kvachkova on the banners?
device Soviet society predstvlyayu DBpolysyllabic delightfully unlike primitive existing system.For many years, being considerate and thoughtful customer texts DB justify this idea, I have not seen even in the thematic articles.Someone thinks such thoughts the result of a congenital lack of principle, DB, I am inclined to see them as nothing more than a cheap shocking against the backdrop of apparent intellectual helplessness.Search
coherent and relevant ideas, the creation of its literary conductor - this is the task that the author decides unsuccessfully throughout his literary career.Career success in gaining the first position among contemporary writers, and a failure to strictly historical perspective.It is easy to be ahead Prilepina, Pelevin and Limonov, but to stand in a number of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin obviously fail.Our contemporaries Voinovich, Dovlatov, Aksenov - also quite unattainable for a writer Bykov value.
Maybe some tactlessness text associated with fatigue from the expectation of the product according to claim Bykov's leading position in the literary hierarchy.All the same, all is not lost, can be creative and ideological throwing lead to the creation of something not so faint as "written off", "Spelling" and "justification" for some reason constructed criticized the vanguard of Russian literature.
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