Liquid tights.

When the weather is cool, but want to stay in a skirt, to the aid of nylon stockings.The range of current models of very rich and allows you to choose the appropriate size, pattern, strength, thickness, color.With their help, you can make your legs visually slimmer, even out skin tone.But to wear in hot weather, even the thinnest model still does not want, the more necessary to constantly monitor so as not to break them.Not so long ago appeared on sale a cosmetic that can replace them.

As they appeared

History of liquid tights completely logical.Author of the idea - Japanese Yoshimi Hamad.He had to constantly hear complaints from employees of the heat, in which women have to wear nylon stockings.The fact that office workers in Japan have no right to receive the service without this garment.Yoshimi Hamad recipe created a spray that can envelop the foot after spraying a thin film.And soon the novelty appreciated women from around the world.

In fact, the idea is not fresh, because it was implemented

more Soviet girls.During the Great Patriotic War, they drew on their feet seam lines, Myskov heels and a pencil.The acquisition of these stocking they could not afford, but the young beauty did not consider it necessary to declare about it.

The situation in modern ladies look much better.They do not have to dream, showing her artistic abilities.In order to "wear" tights, enough money to buy the package and distribute it on the skin.

Liquid tights and their benefits

often wants to embellish legs, giving them even tan.And sometimes, just to hide from prying eyes a scratch or bruise.At the same time on the street terribly hot summer and the finest nylon stockings are usually very quick break.What to do in these cases?There

agent composition and structure resembling a stable foundation or self-tanning.This product was interesting and appropriate to their properties title: liquid tights.

Advantages news:

  1. this "clothing" is simply impossible to break, because most thin stockings summer usually only be obtained by one or more days.That is, the liquid tights substantially reduce costs.
  2. Do not worry because of their purity: to be afraid during the day to touch anything, and then wash or to rinse.
  3. They are unnecessary and could interfere with the garment in the hottest time of the year.
  4. possess excellent masking capability, that is, stars and hide scratches, giving a beautiful shade the entire surface of the legs.

«Pantyhose» - caregiver cosmetic

may well be attributed to this method as a balm for the body.After all, part of the best choices of "tights" is enriched with vitamins, green tea improves blood circulation and seaweed extract.

course, you need to give preference to products of famous brands, which is very concerned about its own reputation.It is very unpleasant, for example, at work, face the problem of stained clothing due to these "tights."Also, it does not bring happiness to wipe traces of the couch or any objects.Therefore, these items must be reliable and of high quality.

Do not look for new product on the shelves with stockings and socks, relying on the identity of the name.It is better to look into the pharmacy or cosmetics store.It was there, among sprays and gels on the windows and there are certainly liquid tights.

Features of products from Sally Hansen

in due to the said trademark includes such components:

  1. bronzer, due to which the staining of the upper layer of the skin.
  2. Caring vitamins.
  3. reflective particles.They refract light rays, masking surface defects feet.

Liquid tights Sally Hansen do not cause any concern for preserving an even skin tone.The tool is superior to most of the self-tanning creams that are not printed on the clothes.For sale is a 4 tinting options tights of the brand:

  1. light shades - Light.
  2. Middle - Medium.
  3. Sun Shade - Tan.
  4. Dark colors - Dark.

Reviews owners

tights brand "Sally Hansen" presented for sale in the form of a spray.The review noted that a uniform absorption means you need to quickly spread over the skin.But after drying "tights" are held just fine, just washed off in the shower using soap and washcloths.If it's very hot, there is a danger that the cover will be a little "leak."This is especially true position of sitting cross-legged.

Many women customers in a review comparing "tights" with tanning supporters that they are not experiencing difficulties with the application.Additional reviews can be found Council drizzle a small amount of spray "Sally Hansen" on his palm and then rub only.In addition, for greater effect, pre-use scrub and moisturizer.

Possible problems and their solutions

Unfortunately, many women are well aware of their own experience, that this irritation.And if the means to apply only epilate or shaved legs, there is a high probability of its occurrence.It is not necessary to combine the procedure of "putting on tights" the removal of unwanted hair.These actions should be a separation in time if the hair removal done, for example, in the evening, then morning, allowed to use the spray.

also review note that you need to properly define the tint applied funds.Some women refused to use the spray because it considered the color of the skin under the "tights" unnatural.For them, as is given in a review of advice: buy two most suitable color vial and mix the contents to achieve the desired tone.In this case, it becomes possible to create one single color.

Cream "Benefit»

Tights Liquid Benefit represent shimmerny body balm.It has a silky and light texture, gives the skin a graceful golden-pink hue.Legs really become a perfect view, delighting the owners of the amazing glow.This tool is created for the lady became even brighter, well-groomed and beautiful.

the included light puff for application, which is simply a pleasure to use.Furthermore, eliminating gloss unevenness, it has hydrating properties, and is suitable for use in the whole body.

«Benefit" - liquid tights, solid consistency resembling cream highlighter.Money is spent very sparingly as a package it is possible to use for 2-3 years.

Product Reviews "Benefit»

Cream mainly used ladies who do not tend to make legs tan.In the review, women customers note that the skin greatly transformed, becoming moist and silky.

Remedy "Benefit" is not applied to the newly proepilirovannye legs, as it is fraught with irritation.But because of the lack of tint effect can not be afraid to extreme heat emergence of divorces under the knees or marks on clothing.

That is, goods of this brand may well choose a lady with a natural tan.We need to do a few movements with a soft sponge - and the skin becomes shiny, well-groomed and smelling nice.The product does not cause sticky feeling, easy to wash off in the shower.

real salvation for the fair sex in the heat of the summer is products with such a curious name, as liquid tights.Reviews largely confirm the quality and reliability of products from well-known manufacturers.Of course, with the product having the tint properties need a little cautious in the intense heat.For such cases, there are simply caring "tights", which can be forgotten immediately after application.