Entrepreneurship citizen - is done at your own risk self-employment, which aims to systematically profit through the sale of works, goods, services, use of property.At the same time a citizen performing the same activities should be registered in the manner prescribed by law.

Now in Russia there is a special list of the types of economic activity (OKVED).Thus, all the activities that lead entrepreneur, can be carried out in the framework of an economic activity.

One very important point - the entrepreneurial activity can be carried out only in case of success of the registration process, the result of which will be a certificate of registration.Only this certificate gives permission to conduct business in Russia and abroad.

Also you should pay attention to the fact that many types of businesses require mandatory certification or licensing.

Another significant point is that business activity can only be done by an individual on their own, to obtain registration of the individual entrepreneur and h

ave the appropriate certificate, as well as a legal entity, to which may be a citizen (individual).All decisions about how activities are performed, as the cost profit is to attract customers and line of business processes are taken directly by the individual entrepreneur or all of the members of the community.It is this group of persons shall be fully responsible for the decisions taken.

making decisions in the implementation of business activity, the owner does not always have the opportunity to see the whole picture, and attaches no importance whatever influencing factors.In this regard, there are solutions that can cause some damage to the activities of so-called risk in business.Among the external risks are allocated that are linked to the external economic environment, market processes and state decisions, and internal, appearing on the actions of the individual entrepreneur, the quality of business processes, staff, and more.

In a market economy, entrepreneurship will perform a number of functions: resource, general economic, innovation, social and organizational.

business functions.

General Economic function is caused by the conduct of the business, aimed at the production of goods and services, which is the basis of manifestation of this function.

Resource function is realized through the effective use of both renewable and limited resources.The entrepreneur can achieve good results if it can effectively combine the use of "capital", "earth", "labor" and "entrepreneurial talent."

innovative feature means that you can use by entrepreneurs in their work not only new ideas, but also to develop new means to achieve goals.

social function arises from the possibility of every citizen to conduct their own business.It manifests itself in the formation of people capable of carrying out independent economic activities, capable to overcome the resistance to external factors and to achieve effective performance.

organizational functions through the adoption of the owners of independent decisions on the issues of running your own business, the formation of the control changes the behavior of the company strategy and the creation of economic structures.

Thus, entrepreneurial activity and its objective essence appears in the combination of all the function names.