The correct spelling of words: check yourself.

Surprisingly, in this age of high technology, when preschoolers are able to use computers, tablets and smartphones, when all teenagers "sit" on the Internet and register the personal pages, and even sites increasingly difficult to meet a competent person.Errors are filled not only periodicals and textbooks and art books.But editing and correction of texts does not require a transcendent knowledge, the spelling of words can always check is wanted, but you need to respect their own language.

Why literacy

writings, essays, social networking - all this requires the ability to write without errors.Lyrics - Education Indicators person, so literacy can be called self-presentation and the engine of career growth.

Just imagine the situation: an employer reading a resume of the applicant for the position, and it incorrectly written words and no punctuation!At the head of this educated applicant can never count on a prestigious place.It has long been known as a man writes as he speaks and thinks, so is the

time to grasp the letter, not to look amateur upstart.

Check your spelling the words need and those who write with almost no mistakes.Any generated text requires editing improvements: re-reading to correct speech, spelling and punctuation flaws.A method of testing a lot, and if you learn to use them in combination, the literacy provided.

necessary to read to find

always worth remembering that his own mistakes harder to detect.To achieve the result it is necessary to revise several times written (printed), it is better to do it with a pencil.When proofreading text underline all words that cause difficulty.

Next, to determine the correct spelling, it is necessary to work on the following algorithm:

- select all questionable points;

- check them out, referring to the academic dictionaries and reference books;

- rewrite the text carefully, making no new defects;

- to consolidate the skills and memorization of rules please create a separate notebook for recording difficult and the most common mistakes you.

Another important piece of advice.Check your work, try to see it is not what they wanted to say and what is written in it.It helps to read by syllables.

Computer Assistant

Personal checks text goes well with electronic media: online -Service on the Internet or a personal "Ward".Just need to warn: there is no single program that can check the correct spelling is perfect.Russian language is too multifaceted to the machine could distinguish between all its nuances of spelling and syntax structure.

If we consider how the original electronic check, it is quite effective, especially if the text is created in printed form.For all that concerns the extra patches and missed spaces or rough typos document "Word" is simply irreplaceable, so accustom to print directly to him rather than in Notepad.

However, this editor to become assistant to configure.In the tab "Tools" get "Options" and go to the "Spelling".A check mark should be marked with lines, which offers automatic spelling and grammar checking.

If the settings are correct, the spelling of words can be monitored during operation.Once the printed word will be highlighted in red, it means that it has to be checked.The appearance of a green line indicates the absence of a comma, or defective.

Check online spelling and grammar

The global network for this purpose, there are many services, however, they are limited vocabulary, which they founded.Need terms or names may not be there, and then there will be a red line, and the spelling of words will have to look elsewhere.

most common mistakes is to distinguish between:

- «b» in verbs: -tsya, -tsya and imperative;

- personal endings of verbs, depending on the conjugation;

- complex derivatives and prepositions (in spite of due);

- spelling and declination of numerals (fifty, fifty);

- the distinction between "no" and "no";

- «o" and "e" after the sizzling and "c".

As for grammar, then automatic and editors have restrictions in this regard.In practice, they do not recognize the word, not stand in the nominative, and it is not available lexical definition compatibility.

Punctuation require verification

the weakest link in the electronic program - this syntax.If the rules of spelling yet amenable to some kind of systematization, then the situation is more complicated punctuation.Recommended to all underscore automatic editors treat critical.They will constantly demand commas, and if they put in all cases where the requested program, then it will be punctuation errors.

main difficulties punctuation:

- commas, colons or dashes conjunctionless sentence;

- separation introductory words and structures;

- registration of the transfer of another's speech (quotations, direct speech);

- compatibility of punctuation.

avoid unnecessary mistakes, do not overload the proposals making them difficult unwieldy structure.In such cases, no editor will not help here without a good knowledge of syntax and linguistic intuition is indispensable.

better to learn to read and write

The best answer to the question of how to check the spelling of words, the recommendation is: to master the rules of the Russian language.There are specially designed for this method of learning:

- linguistic analysis and synthesis;

- imitative (remembering or memorizing);

- solution spelling problems.

techniques related to linguistic analysis and synthesis, suggested autonomy and cognitive activity.These principles are directly related to the main categories of language, clear and systematic knowledge which involve an independent decision of spelling or syntax problem.Simply put, the Russian language - the same mathematics, where, knowing all the main concepts, the right solution is always possible to find or prove.

Difficult to memorize

to train competent letter without learning impossible.In many cases our language, when to check the spelling of words in the usual way is impossible.

have imitative method, there are different kinds of exercises.Rapid memorization promote visual dictation, copying texts from the sample or play them from memory.Regular use of the spelling dictionary also helps strengthen the skill faultless use of words.

work enough experience

decision grammar and spelling problems - it is also a search method, which produced an algorithm of actions for correct spelling.

orthograms first is, then it is determined by the ability to audit.If the answer is "yes", to what subject it belongs?I remember the rule, then it is applied.And finally checked.

Of course, all these tricks are taught in school.But if for some reason you are unable to master the Russian language course in school, it's never too late to do it yourself, especially as a lack of benefits and advice in there.Literate should be everyone, but otherwise we lose our culture.