Specifications and features cable KG products

product designation CT - conventional power design.Specifications Cable KG involve the use of stranded conductors, as well as shell and rubber insulation.These products are used to connect to the electric grids of mobile machinery.The frequency at the same time must not exceed 400 Hz, and the voltage - reach 660

Devices of this type are designed for temperate climates, they can be placed in the lakes and rivers in the tropics.However, in this case, the technical characteristics of the cable KG may be slightly different, but the general principle and the work remains the same.

cable KG and its design

It consists of shell and insulation, as well as live.If we talk about the first two elements, they are usually made on the basis of butadiene and isoprene rubber.In addition, there is a special winding design created from a polyethylene terephthalate film.

On the technical characteristics and conditions

  1. can serve up to four years.
  2. Building length can vary, depending on the section of wires ins
    ide.For example, at section 150 mm2 and above it is at least 100 meters.If the cross section is 50-100 mm2, the construction length of at least 125 meters.Finally, no less than 150 meters, it is at the cross-section of 35 mm2 inclusive.So that the technical characteristics of the cable KG selected depending on future conditions.
  3. sun's rays do not cause any harm.
  4. flex too, should not cause any problems.
  5. 1.0 of the nominal DC voltage, which is measured in kW.
  6. KG may be operated under conditions of minus forty to fifty plus.
  7. This conductor temperature rarely exceeds 75 degrees.

more information on cables

To mark the usual notation may add additional alphabetic characters, so that customers understand the conditions in which can be used one or another product.For example, T is used to design for tropical.If the package is seen phrase CL - which means that the specifications of the cable KG suggest its use in low temperatures.

conductors themselves are perfectly suited for areas with tropical climate.The basis is a copper wire, but it is further luzhena tin.Either coated with solder alloy of tin and lead.In order to achieve the best result of tin in the composition should be at least 30 percent.

numeral 0 denotes earth wire, or it is colored green and yellow.This part of the structure also affects the overall diameter of cable kg.It should be noted that the colors of single and two-core cable is not standardized.

If the scheme is stranded, the colors are not used for the yellow, green, white, gray and red.The instructions and technical documents are usually written recommendations, as it should be painted and used, for example, cable CG 1x25.The price of products can also be different, it all depends on the specific technical characteristics.For example, the smallest cross section and the length of one meter will cost to customers of 20-30 rubles.If you need to order from 25 meters or more, for example, with five cores, the cost has already reached by five hundred and more rubles.The longer and the more current-carrying conductors, the higher the cost, while producers make wholesale discounts.