An independent evaluation of the vehicle after the accident

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of motorists in their entire driver's "career" had not become parties to the accident.Even if you never break the rules and carefully monitor the technical condition of your car, you can still become a party to the accident.After all, a lot of drivers on the road and not all of them are different in good faith implementation of the SDA.

The accident on the road the car can be badly hit, and the fact that you have on hand is an insurance policy is not a guarantee that the amount paid will fully cover all costs for repair.After all, to reliably calculate, what was the actual damage, it is necessary to estimate the vehicle after the accident was made fairly and impartially.

Therefore, it is desirable to agree to the examination after the accident took place in the center, which recommends representative of the insurance company.Of course, you will be assured that such examination does not differ from a similar procedure carried out by any other service.But even

a child understand that the experts working at the insurance company can not be completely independent from your employer, so that when you contact the center of an objective evaluation of such damage should not wait.

After all, the insurance company, as well as for any organization doing business, not charity, priority will always make a profit.And you can get more income subject to reduce costs, ie payment of insurance.So, conduct examination, an expert working for the insurer to be in every way possible to underestimate the amount of damage.Therefore, if you want to estimate the damage of the car after the accident was made as objectively as possible, refer to the experts who have nothing to do with the insurance company.Especially because the law in this situation on the side of the motorist as it has the right to order the examination in any company of his choice.The only condition is selected for examination must have a license issued by the state authorities.

So, an independent assessment of a car after an accident is required in order to be able to determine the real value of the car at the moment, that is, to assess the damage suffered motorist in an accident.In addition, experts will determine what work must be made to restore the machine, which needed spare parts and supplies, as well as have to pay the masters of the service center.

the way, to seek independent assessment of the damage can be beneficial not only to the victim in an accident, but the one who was responsible for the accident.It is not excluded the case that the amount of loss can be inflated in favor of the victim.To make sure you do not cheat, it is necessary to order an independent assessment got in a car accident.

rank car after an accident, as a rule, take place in stages.Initially have to collect all the documents required for submission to the insurance company.Acceptance of this package of documents the insurer confirming the occurrence of the insured event.

is followed to notify the representative of the insurer and the person who has become responsible for the accident (the victim or if the examination is carried out on the initiative of the culprit) about where and when the examination will be carried out with an estimate of the damage.The law requires that interested parties must be notified no later than three days prior to the date of examination.At the appointed time, experts from the company will produce an expert examination of the vehicle.Evaluation of a vehicle after an accident can be made in the workshops of the company or an expert on the storage location of the vehicle, if it is not on the move.

During examination specialists not only carefully examine the damaged car, but fix all the damage in a special act, in support of which will be made photos.

After some time, the company expert will present an official evaluation report that you want to transfer to the insurer.Once these documents are received, the insurance company is obliged to pay the actual damages, as well as additional costs, including the examination itself.