TV star - a well-known personality, captured the hearts of millions.

We so often hear about someone, "He - TV star!" Who is it?As someone who has achieved fame, that helps or hinders, can repeat someone's path to glory?We will try to understand.

«TV Star" - the concept and terminology

In order to understand who it is - a TV star, first analyze the lexical meaning of the word.

term "star" means a person who has achieved great success, known to many, to attract attention and interest.Achieving can be very different.Maya Plisetskaya - prima ballet, Sergei Petrovich Botkin - Russian luminary of medicine, and John Collins - star of British literature.

prefix "tele" to the word "star" determines the value of a new word.TV star - is any person who has attained fame on television.It has a range of fans and attracted the attention of the press and journalists.

TV star can become a journalist and actor, and writer, and a scientist, a doctor, and generally representative of any profession.The main thing is not just to get to a blue screen, but to please the audience, to

get fans interested in something and can become the object of imitation.

What qualities will help to become a TV star?

TV star - a person who is both a journalist and an artist and entertainer.Well said, he thinks fast, resourceful and wit.It has a bright charisma, broad-minded, able to maintain a conversation in different areas.Do not lost for the camera and a large number of spectators.He knows how to safely respond to provocations and behaving with dignity in the most difficult situations.

TV star - is the one who has become famous, who deserve the attention and imitation, who honed his talents long and hard work.

evidence that a real TV star should have all the above qualities

First TV star - a favorite of the audience, viewers must watch programs in the same breath, not looking up from the screen.Currently, television shows take on a completely different look.Leading usually turn into entertainers.They think through the script and its transmission at all times keep the viewer in the air of intrigue.Remember the famous transmission Andrey Malakhov.Agree, so keep the audience in suspense capable of every broadcaster.This is what distinguishes the ordinary from leading real TV stars.

many shows today are shot in real time.Then, the participants must be able to adapt quickly, to have a good response and quick wit.As an example, Ksenia Sobchak.She never lost.

Alexa Chung first became famous thanks to his sharp tongue, and then called it a style icon.

And who does not remember Valdis Pelsh, which broke all records in the world and the longest tongue twisters replicas?

hard way, or how to get into the stream?

During the Soviet era, to get on the TV screen in the background was necessary to have theatrical education.Just as men and women become recognizable personalities.They conducted surveys and news were various Christmas lights.Some went into acting and starred in the movie, but many took his bar only at the broadcaster.

today to become a TV star, not to graduate high school theater or journalism faculty.Everything has become so much easier to the extent that the leading channels conduct specialized competitions.

Anchorman easier to become a TV star.They are already in the air, now you need to please the audience.In our time, we formed a lot of schools that train for a certain amount each wanting to be the leading TV channel.This course lasts less than a year.During this time the student will learn to speak correctly, to behave properly in front of the camera to adapt to unforeseen situations during filming.After training the graduate will be able to assemble your footage and be popular subjects.Next, several ways:

  • get to practice in any film set.There you can start with a normal assistant illuminator or as Ivan Demidov started.
  • manifest itself in some TV shows like Michael Galustyan or lucky enough to Marina Kravets.
  • Participate in contests.It is possible that soon introduce a happy chance.

important whether appearance?

Many believe that the TV star - is primarily a bright appearance.But often in the life of TV presenter does not have a particularly interesting appearance.So it is all make-up?No, it's completely out of it.An example would be the highest paid American TV presenter - Oprah Winfrey.It is unlikely that it shines to win the beauty contest, even on a local scale.But she is fearless, without complexes, said confidently, can listen to the interlocutor, feels great hall.

Another important point.TV star - is necessarily a good diction.You must speak clearly and beautifully.The tone of voice is also important, it should not irritate or cause laughter.Any professional invents itself any recognizable style of communication or specific gestures.Many are studying their facial expressions in the mirror, rehearsing smile.

Rank requires

TV star - always a public person.During his life watching very closely: the achievements and failures relish discussed in the press.But most importantly, the fans downright manic imitate everything that makes them a favorite TV star.The value of all responsible behavior of celebrities is very clearly reflected through Internet search engines.Held "by Yandex" analysis showed that the vast majority of user requests concerns TV stars.Hairstyle, manner of dress, gastronomic tastes, which rested with whom he lives and a million questions!

I want to turn to TV star and paraphrase Saint-Exupery: "You have been guided by the millions!You are responsible for those who have conquered! »