You know how to name the first woman, a melted into space?

Stories of the space age is less than a century.But during that time there have been many significant events.And in front of us, no doubt, still await grand opening and interplanetary flights.But one hundred years later people will remember the name of the first man to orbit the Earth, and how to name the first woman, a melted into space.

First Steps

Valentina Tereshkova was born a peasant family of immigrants from Belarus, March 6, 1937.The place of her birth village B.Maslennikovo appears that in the Yaroslavl region.Early orphaned, because his father was killed in the Russo-Finnish War.And her mother and three children had to move to the regional center.There Valentina graduated seven years, and then night school.She got a job at the Yaroslavl Tire Plant - brasletchitsey.And then he worked for several years at a local mill weaver.The girl was not abandoned his studies and began to engage in absentia in the light industry.In his spare time, she was fond of parachuting.

A chance not to be missed

And everything went on as usual, but it so happened that Sergei Korolyov decided to send a woman into space.I began search for candidates.There were declared the following criteria: height - not more than one hundred and seventy cm, weight - not more than 70 kg, and the age of the first woman-cosmonaut was to be no older than 30 years.It would seem that the candidates Sea.But there was another important criterion: parachuting.As a result, rivals have Tereshkova was less than a dozen.

road space

all involved in the selection of the girls were called up for military service.And in 1962 it began intensive preparations for the flight.Conduct special training on endurance.

girl for a few days locked in an isolated cell, subjected to high temperatures.Often the future conquerors of the skies were forced to jump with a parachute.Valentine passed her exams with distinction and became a cosmonaut detachment №1.

«Take off your hat, the sky!»

said that Tereshkova chosen largely for political reasons.Like, from the worker-peasant youth, his father was killed in the war.Whatever it was, the experts followed the selection, argue that it is started, even better than some male astronauts.Her famous phrase, said at the launch: "Hey!Heaven!Take off your hat! "- Says that emotionally she was set up perfectly.

Tereshkova flight lasted two days, twenty-two hours and fifty minutes.We can not say that this trip was given the first woman-cosmonaut easily.She went into orbit aboard the "Vostok - 6".Tereshkova became the tenth astronaut in the history of flight in general and the sixth of the Soviet Union.And by the way, at the time it was under any US astronaut ten years.Learning that it approved already cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova hid it from his family, and of its feat they have learned from the news.

As mentioned above, in flight the girl had a hard time.She often lose their orientation in space.This happened due to improper installation.And Valentina herself had to make the necessary changes.At the request of the Queen, she hid it for forty years.During the flight, the first female astronaut and experienced health problems.According to experts, this is not surprising, since before the start of its physiological indices were the worst in the group.But, despite this, Tereshkova made on his ship and forty-eight turns around the Earth.She took a lot of pictures, which are then very useful to scientists.She also led the flight logbook.Do you know how to name the first woman, a melted into space, managers and project leaders?Her call sign was "The Seagull."

Landed Valentina Tereshkova in the Altai Territory.After she was accused of violating the regime: she shared the secret rations of astronauts with the locals, and she ate their food.They say that because of this the next woman in space flight took place only nineteen years.

Praise and honor

As a bonus for the flight Tereshkova presented apartment in Yaroslavl, where she moved with her mother and daughter after a failed marriage with another astronaut.It is alleged that the union Nikolayev was originally sham.And it became the initiator of top officials of the Soviet Union.But how was named the first woman, a melted into space, marry, really can only tell it.Three years later she moved to Moscow Tereshkova.She became the first woman in the rank of Major General, and her portrait appeared during the life of one of the coins.

Tereshkova received countless awards and honors, not only in our country but also abroad.She - Hero of the Soviet Union.Winner of the Orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, and many others.She received the Gold Medal of the United Nations peace.Tereshkova became an honorary citizen of many cities.In her honor it was named a crater on the moon.Who was the first woman, a melted into space to themselves the leaders of other countries!


After his flight Valentina has made many trips to other countries, which promoted the Soviet way of life.It has become the idol of millions.Valentine showed the world the image of Soviet women.

Tereshkova worked for many years in the Soviet and Russian public organizations.19 years she headed the Soviet Women's Committee.Valentina Vladimirovna engaged cultural ties with foreign countries.Since 1995, she presides over the Council, which coordinates the activities of Russian centers of science in other countries.Many years Tereshkova was in the leadership of the International Federation of Women.

engaged Valentina and political activities.She worked as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 1966 to 1989.Take part in the elections to the State Duma of the party "Our Home - Russia".Since 1998, a member of the editorial board of "Flight".

from 2008 to 2011.He was a member of the "United Russia" in Yaroslavl Oblast Duma.And since 2011 Tereshkova - a member of the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.It is part of a group that promotes Christian values.A lot of good deeds committed in his native Yaroslavl deputy.When it was opened there promoting university built a planetarium and a river station.It helps local children's home and school, where previously studied.So we can say that Valentina Tereshkova, the flight continues its grand ..