How to get a driver's license

Buying a car - a serious decision.The future owner of the machine, it is important not to have any problems with the law.And so he should get a driver's license before he chooses his first car.What do you need?

Firstly, in order to have a driver's license, you must successfully complete a special training at a licensed company - a driving school.It will introduce you to the theory, the rules of driving, virtually to work with you.Once you graduate from driving school, required serious medical examination to obtain the certificate of health.It is valid for one to three years (the term of its solutions depends on your age and medical).Immediately I must say that if you have any chronic diseases of organs of vision, hearing or mental illnesses, it makes no sense to pay tuition and buy a car in advance.You will not be allowed to control a car for up to five years.

So you went driving school, get help in the clinic.Then you need to go to the nearest traffic police.There you will need to present a passpo

rt, driver's card, if any, of a medical certificate, a receipt stating the payment of fees, the document on completion of training.Then you have to pass the exam.It will consist of three parts.The first of them - that's the theory.You will need to correctly answer twenty questions.If you make a mistake at least three times, the exam is failed.The next step - delivery platforms (moving off, parallel parking, turn in three ascents).The hardest part of the exam - the final.You have to ride on a certain route.At the same traffic rules must be fully respected.If you have no errors coped with all three tests, the new driver's license in your pocket.They have to give you in the traffic police division.

driving license should be changed every ten years.They come in several forms.Production material found plastic or paper.Temporary driving license issue for two reasons: traffic violations (drunk driving, leaving on a counter, etc.), replacement of certificates of loss or theft.In the latter case you have to wait for confirmation of what you have lost the document in a particular region of the Federation.It usually takes two to three months.And all this time you will have a provisional driving license.It is usually made of paper card indicating your full name, the period of validity of the document and allowed categories.Such a driver's license gives the same amount of rights as "real".But there are a few differences."Makeshift" need to renew every two months.This means that you have to put a few visits to the traffic police, spend a lot of time standing in queues, which is not very nice.In addition, if you guys are the brakes of the DPS, you have to show not only their "makeshift" but also other identity document.After a driver's license in this case deprived of photos.In addition, over the border into his car with a "makeshift" you do not move out.It would take conventional or international driving license.