Beautiful signature.

Sooner or later every one of us think about how to come up with a nice signature to become a reflection of his identity, character and profession.Suddenly you become some famous or important person, will leave his signature on the things their fans, books, and you have it - an ordinary, unremarkable squiggle, invented in haste during the production of passports and used further in the habit!Change the usual flourish on a spectacular and original signature can be at any age, but do it better than only once, otherwise you will create a host of problems associated with the important papers.

beautiful signature - a kind of image of the man, his statement about themselves, an important success factor, the formula expressing the essence and character.That is why her choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

Point, point, comma - got painted. ... Oh, the curve!

When selecting a signature, consider the following nuances:

  • Signature should contain initials or the initials surname to her could contact you immediately understand that it belongs to your hand.
  • Easy signature - another important point when it is selected.Slozhnosochinennogo facsimile with special effects worthy of a CIA agent, give you a lot of hassle.In addition, you can forget the technology of its performance, giving every time a different signature.The painting should be thought out so that you can remember it with my eyes closed.
  • basis for the creation can serve as someone's beautiful signature examples of original autographs and paintings.
  • Beware of short and too simple signature, even if they have obtained very beautiful.This painting - a godsend for scams that it can be easily faked.
  • According to Feng Shui, it is better to write upwards, firmly and confidently - is key to your success and prosperity.
  • girls recommended to tie his painting more to the name than to the name, since the change of status to a girl married will have to change and signature.

Learn how to create a spectacular signature

Write on a piece of paper your name, first name, and look closely to them - try to see in them something new.Perhaps, after sitting on doing this for about two hours, you come up with the idea orriginalnuyu.If inspiration has left you, we refer to our advice.

  • One of the most common options - using the first three letters of the names or initials capital letters.This painting is found very often and can hardly claim to be unique and original.
  • Try to write a letter on top of each other.It's not the easiest option, but quite serious and laconic.Beautiful signature obtained from the owners initials, beginning with the letter "O", "C", "E", "U".
  • Experiment with beautiful compound letters in the signature so that they seamlessly into each other - painting a dense, confusing and mysterious.
  • can do two capital letters in the painting - to name, in case you do not want to focus on his family.
  • Another interesting option - to use the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic and Chinese characters in the signature.For example, half of facsimiles made by Latin letters, the second - in Cyrillic and completed all the characters.Text will look luxurious and unique.
  • With regard to curls that usually ends with a signature, it all depends on your imagination - it could be a regular circle, polyline, "cardiogram", a sine wave.The main thing - do not overdo it with curls, or signature will tawdry and garish.

If you are in doubt about how to make a beautiful signature and whether it will be spectacular, refer to the help of special programs or graphics studios, which will acquaint you with the beautiful examples of signatures and will help to create similar.

painting in the passport: it is serious

So came the solemn moment of obtaining a passport, and you have not yet figured out how it will sign.After the autograph left in this very important document, you can not change, and, moreover, it is desirable that the signature was beautiful and loved you.

In drawing up important documents, such as the contract for the sale of signature on them to be the same painting in the passport.Therefore it is better to undertake the creation of a signature in advance to get used to it and learn to play even with your eyes closed.

order for you to get a decent and beautiful signature on the passport, use the above tips.Remember that men's signature - a serious and laconic, in contrast to the female, which allowed for the frivolous curlicues and rounding.

psychological portrait of the author's signature

Everyone has a certain hand.However, when writing the words he submits vaccinated at school spelling rules, trying to write smoothly and accurately determine what prevents his character and temperament.You can not say about the signing, which involves a flight of fantasy, giving a complete picture of the inner world of the author.Signature of the person as though showing their identity, draws a portrait of the psychological.

direction stroke

If the end of the signature pointing up, its author - an optimist, his soul overflows raging energy, inner strength and confidence.It is simple and easy steps through life, not afraid of difficulties and hardships.

Signature, going down, says the opposite temperament.The man depressed, pessimistic, prone to frequent illnesses, unsure of himself and angry at others.

Direct and smooth beautiful signature of the person tells the "golden mean."He is both a pessimist and an optimist, has a balanced character, used to doing everything accurately, neatly and correctly

length signature

long signature is created by people who used to approach everything with seriousness and thoroughness.
These are people for whom someone else's opinion is fundamental, they are incredibly stubborn and persistent.

Short same facsimile belongs to the people eager, smart and a bit superficial.They do not like tardiness, carelessness and fickle.

Signature person can tell a lot about him, about his values, attitude, character, being the mirror of his inner world.Do not rush when choosing a facsimile constantly train yourself to remember it and give it a personal touch.After a beautiful signature - it is a personal brand that will be a kind of advertising your inner "I" throughout life.