Scorpio and Aquarius.

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Will my Scorpio and Aquarius?One can not answer this question.This is a very different nature.But, as they say, opposites attract, so anything is possible.First, it helps to understand the characteristics of these characters individually.

Horoscope Scorpio and Aquarius Aquarius

.It is a sign of people adrift.This is usually slow and dreamy nature, but sometimes they wake up boldness and energy.Aquarians have a great love for mankind, it is inherent compassion and sympathy the misfortunes of others.They always try to help to the disadvantaged, the poor are served, participate in charity events.

Sometimes Aquarius attacks laziness and complete alienation.He hates routine, it is depressing and evil thoughts.Often there is lack of confidence, but any compliments or praise can bring him out of an apathetic state, and once there is a flurry of activity, vigor and enthusiasm.Aquarians are in need of a recharge, even obvious flattery able to lift the mood.

Scorpio.The life of this sign is a constant movement.He is struggling, the suffering, is experiencing unbridled passion, the whole soul hates.Temperament another one!Like a solid character and vigor should help promote it easy in life, but there are mixed with irritability, irascibility, which prevent scorpion on the road to success.This sign often has a lot of enemies.

If it is something annoying, it just need to throw out all your negative emotions, if you do not, the Scorpion begins to devour itself.Around him is always a virtual barrier, for which he does not let almost anyone.He is suspicious and does not trust people.But to those who understand and support, Scorpio always shows respect and sympathy.The main thing for him - freedom, it simply can not be limited.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility, if the Scorpio man

simple this union can not be called too many difficulties and disagreements.These people are far from each other in about every way.They have different views on life, different plans and range of interests.Male Scorpio does not want to change, it is easier to get away from these relations.A female Aquarius, seeing a partner is not too pleasant features, certainly decide to change it in his own way.It turns out that the Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility is the eternal struggle of each partner's desire to rebuild the half.In this pair plays the role of a woman of a certain teacher who is trying to put on the right path incorrigible Scorpio, and he does not like those morals!They need freedom of thought and action.Of course, relationships are the place to be, but partners just need constantly to meet at the negotiating table and learn to compromise, then everything will certainly happen.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility, if the Scorpio female

Even if the pair Scorpio - woman, anyway leadership will belong only to her entirely.And what is most interesting is that Aquarius will notice, and will be sure that he makes all the decisions.She imperceptibly small steps will build a model of the relationship so that man will depend on it.Aquarius will resist this in every way, scandals, but its nature is less and it just gives up.But this reconciliation is always the same pair of rough, as are the arguments!Their lives and will consist of quarrels and stormy primereniya.She will accuse him of naivety and malodeystvii, as he did in the callousness and heartlessness.From the side it seems that this couple just terrible.But the woman-Scorpio because of their strong character of Aquarius always send in the right direction, and will not indulge in melancholy, and he, in turn, will come in handy to throw out her negative and provides freedom of action.But that is exactly what you need both, so that in this case, Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility is not hopeless.