Characteristic sign of Gemini, compatibility with other signs

air sign under the protection of Mercury - a Gemini.Compatibility with other signs varied.With just one perfect relationship, and on the other the relationship being established with great difficulty.But before we talk about the relationship with the rest of the zodiacal circle, you need to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of Gemini.

They are intelligent and have a very wide interests, sometimes a few curious.The company and the ways they are charming, sociable, attract people.But there are times when they are like a wave rolls irritability, Gemini become aggressive, snapping, may even break because of a trifle.

born under the sign of Gemini many talented and truly brilliant people in various fields.They are able to science, the arts, have success in any profession.

Many consider them slippery.Twins often try to wriggle out of the conversation, disputes any situations.And this applies not only to friends, co-workers and others, but even families.No one can ever be sure of them one hundred percent.

love they are capable of, but the manifestation of tenderness are not inclined.Instead, they have a great need to be loved, to receive tenderness, kindness and warmth.They are afraid of loneliness, it is even able to bring them to suicide.

The paper may not always act on their own, so despite the abilities often need support and approval of senior management.Though in their head constantly having a variety of ideas, translate them into reality on their own Gemini is too rare.Often they find work associated with the generation of ideas.As a result, with their purpose and fulfill it completely different people.This is perfect sign Gemini.

compatibility with other signs.Twins and Fire signs Aries

.With this sign like Gemini feel a mutual attraction, they are drawn to each other, they are happy and comfortable together.There is always something to talk about.

Lev.Quite a harmonious union.But, given the nature of both, rather boring combination.

Streltsov best avoided.They are too different, and goals in life these characters are very different.

Twins.Compatibility with other signs.Air sign Libra

.It marks are very similar, they are interested in together, so the Union will very good.

Aquarius.Harmonious relations, but Aquarius can suppress your mind and even somewhat annoying cheerful twins.

Twins.Relations with the same sign are considered to be the most ideal.In general, this combination is considered one of the best among all combinations of characters absolutely zodiacal circle.

relationship with the signs of Water

Will my Gemini and Cancer?It is only here Twins may have missed in this union.

Scorpio.Although this sign and distinctive temperament, but combined with the Twins can get a good union.Twins tend to obey, and they will rise modestly behind Scorpion.

Union Pisces and Gemini will be unsuccessful.Calm Fish simply do not suffer energetic Gemini.It's very different nature.One needs in society, and the other tries to avoid it, preferring a quiet family life.

Twins.Compatibility with other signs.Signs Earth

Capricorn.You can not call the relationship ideal but not bad name.The only twins will miss the attention and affection, since Capricorns are not prone to the manifestation of feelings.For the rest, they complement each other.

Taurus.Though tested a mutual attraction, but too many differences from the pair.Frequent quarrels and scandals.

Virgo.Unlucky union.Twins simply will not withstand the stiffness of the Virgin, which is in search for the perfect partner.