Hammer god Thor - the legendary weapon comes from Scandinavia.The value of amulets and tattoos depicting Thor's hammer

In mythologies of different nations and religions of the world, there are all sorts of explanations for how did our world.But no matter how different these theories, there is something that unites them: in every version of the emergence of the universe and the forces of nature have a higher intelligence.Also often present giants and people incredible, incomprehensible force.This is due to the fact that ancient people could not know exactly why the origin of natural phenomena, they were afraid of thunderstorms, fire, and their explanation of the different elements were divine.

almost every mythology, was the ruler of thunder in Norse Thor was his name.Hammer of Thor the god - one of the "relics" of the legend.Who is this God?

Norse mythology

One of the oldest known in the modern mythology - the so-called German-Nordic, which was formed from the fifth century BC, before the era of Christianity.Anyone who has ever interested in a science known "Elder Edda" (poetry) and "Edda" (prose), which was described by the appearance of the world according to the Germanic tribes (the texts of these works were written in the seventh century AD C.. Sturluson).

The basis of this mythology lay the abyss ("ginnungagap"), the edges of which was dominated by fire and water.Is about the born giants, the appearance of the god Odin, who created the earth Midgard, as opposed to Asgard - the country of the gods, who is in heaven.

Everyone has an idea of ​​Norse mythology, at least on srednevekokoy poem "Song of the Nibelungs."On this basis, he wrote the great Richard Wagner opera was filmed a lot of movies.For children, this is something like a fairy tale fantasy that popularity can be compared with the hobbits themselves (which, in turn, came up with the writer John. R. R. Tolkien).

structure of the newly created world had a horizontal component - the human world and the vertical component - the tree of life, ash Yggdrasil.

gods and heroes, adventures and battles ... Such a huge new world demanded protection.Thor - God of Thunder (compare it with the thunder of Zeus in Greek mythology), it protects the Midgard and fights his famous hammer.


How is the hammer of Thor?Mёlnir.This particular weapon.Because of mischief Loki (god of cunning and mischief), he had shifted the center of gravity, and the handle excessively short.This explains the fact that this missile weapons could only fight the god Thor and his son Magni.It also describes that the lord of thunder put on a special iron gloves, then a hammer in his hands became very precise, every time you kick back in the hands of the thrower.

god Thor's Hammer - mёlnir - is so powerful that on its impact and there is thunder.We know now why there is thunder, science has long explained all natural phenomena.But the ancient Germans did not know, and therefore attached great importance to the divine description of events.

Hammer of Thor in the language and culture

Norse mythology has had a huge impact on the language and culture of many countries.For example, in English and German day of the week, "Thursday" was referred to as "the day of the Torah" (eng. Thursday - Thor's day, it. Donnerstag - Day of Thunder, ie the Torah).

very popular in Scandinavia the hammer of Thor.Amulet with his picture around their necks.It is believed that he will save the owner (or rather, his life).Statuette of the guns under the bed underlay newlyweds, it was believed that it will bring them a lot of Zdorovenki children.Apparently, expectations were justified, because for many centuries has been alive this tradition.

known that ancient traditions tend to come back, and that once bothered our ancestors may now disturb modern teenagers.

current time

Now Thor's hammer is not less important among young people than in the period.Often people (it is suitable mainly young men, defenders of women) make a tattoo with an interesting image.

Weapons lived a separate life from its owner.So fly away, then back, the hammer was as if alive.God of Thunder had to bail out a weapon from captivity, return itself.

The subjects of computer games is also common mёlnir (hammer god Thor) as a special weapon of the hero.This item comes from Scandinavia inspires many metal bands, the image it even occurs in their emblems.


The sketches tattoo parlors are often represented by a color or black-and-white picture of the gun.It has a runic patterns, it is balanced, looks, of course, stylish.However, once a reservation, apply the pattern on the skin without much spirit, of course, impossible.All that is ancient symbol has the power, backed by centuries, and can not be applied without consequences.

should be precisely formulated for yourself what you want to put on your body the hammer of Thor.Meaning it about this: it protects against various adversities, troubles, because the god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology - a hardy, tall, strong, designed to protect Midgard from invasion.The image of this mythical weapon fit natures bright, power-hungry, motivated, with some tweaks.Those who would like to develop the character traits such, experts also advise to apply tattoos this particular pattern.

small conclusion

In any case, if you wear an amulet with these weapons, if you do a tattoo, you should remember one thing: Hammer of Thor the god carries the powerful energy of the ancient epic, the legend to which can not be taken lightly.